” The biggest adventure you can ever
take is to live the life of your dreams”

” You only get one life to live, so embrace it and make it into your own adventure. No matter what happens, always smile, always keep your head up, and always remember to live your best life for yourself.”

Hello , how are you? Good Afternoon.

Welcome to NUOMB or Not UR Ordinary MOM Blog !

So I see you’ve stumbled across this page to learn more about me, why I started this blog, etc, etc. So why don’t I start by giving you the juicy details?

Let’s start with the typical, “About Me” Page (as this is):

Hello, my name is Melaine (pronounced Melanie don’t worry if you spell my name that way either I do it too). I currently live in New York City, specifically in the Borough of Queens. My birthday is October 3rd which makes me a Libra & I’m 21 years old. YAY! The year of “fun” orrrrrrrrrr in my case, the year of motherhood!
With that being said on November 1st, 2018 I welcomed a beautiful baby girl named Zoey Penelope into this world and have been in love with her ever since. My life changed, did a complete 360 degrees. Mom life is exhausting, thrilling, yet so fucking exciting. I love the adventure, I can’t wait to show her the world.

Why don’t you Join me on this journey into motherhood and in life?

However before you answer that,

Let me tell you some more.

I L o v e:

tequila, traveling, books, margaritas, fruity drinks, wine, podcasts, dogs, cooking, and most important baking.

I really enjoy writing all about my journeys through life. I enjoy the ups and downs because no matter what happens you will always gain something from it. I enjoy all the moments, little or big, because we only get one life to live. We must live our absolute best lives even if we have bad days, even if we fall. We must always pick ourselves up and try again and continue to live. Live for yourself, always.

My fears in life? I don’t want to be the typical mom who gives her whole life to her kids and doesn’t live for herself. So she ends up having so many unaccomplished things. I want to enjoy my life because one day Zoey will have her own life. What will I do when she leaves to go to college? I can not go with her, so I must live my life while she lives her but also guiding her and teaching her everything I possibly can about the world.
While also figuring out life & learning myself.

Remember to ALWAYS:

Choose love,

choose to live.

It goes on,

it gets better.

Always ,


Now for the ultimate question ..

Will you join me on my journey through life and motherhood?