California Series

Cali: Dispensaries + Rodeo Drive


Checks I made off my bucket list:

  1. Smoke weed from a dispensary in California

  2. Drive on Rodeo Drive

                          Since I have checked off California off my bucket list I have gone 3 times in total and each time I fall more in love. I love coming off the airplane after being on it for 5 ½ hours and seeing LAX in all its glory. I love how the sunsets in California and how it feels like it’s always early. I love the palm trees they truly are relaxing to look at, and the scenic views when driving.  I love the smell of California, it’s a beautiful fresh scent that reminds me of home. I’ve concluded California is where I am meant to be. 
I’m not talking about how connected California and I are, I’m going to talk about my first experience which is smoking weed from dispensaries in California. So, let me begin by saying unfortunately, due to me not being 21 yet I couldn’t physically go inside and see everything but based off of what I was told it was amazing. My boyfriend said that they show you the marijuana, let you choose, scale it in-front of you, and everything. I was listening to him but in my head all I was picturing was me in a bed of marijuana as crazy as that may seem.  (If you have not noticed I am a smoker!) We were told by a friend that recently visited Cali to use an app called “GreenLight” to find dispensaries and you can even pre-order it so that the order is ready for you to pick up and pay when you get there. I thought it was amazing and all the different dispensaries in California made me open to even more variations of marijuana. So, we got a couple grams of different strains (6 different ones to exact) and a couple of oils and edibles for back home.


Driving on Rodeo DriveIMG_4125 Driving on Rodeo Drive at night was a beautiful sight. Full of palm trees, high-end shops. It was always a dream to drive down Rodeo Drive with the windows open and the wind in my face and that was the exact experience I received. It was a beautiful moment for me. It was a beautiful moment to experience with my love.

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