Personal B.L. Experiences

Traveling Internationally for the first time + getting my passport.

Checks I Made off My bucket List: 
1. Get a Passport

2. Travel Internationally 


I initially put “get a passport” and “travel internationally” on my bucket list to encourage myself to get a passport and begin working on my bucket list.

However, I never knew when I made my bucket list in 2016 that in 2017 I would be actually accomplishing this thanks to my boyfriend.

*DISCLAIMER: Due to me putting Ecuador in my bucket list I will not be disclosing some details until later on in my Ecuador blog post*


Reason for getting a passport:
I was going to be meeting my boyfriend’s family in Baños, Ecuador. So,  I knew I was going to need my passport. Except, since I am the biggest procrastinator in the world, I waited until the last week of November and had to get my passport expedited. However, I officially checked it off my bucket list when I received my passport in the mail on December 15,2017!

Traveling Internationally for the first time:
My boyfriend and I woke up at 6am on January 23rd, 2018 to fly to Quito, Ecuador. However, since we live in NYC we had to fly to LGA to ATL to OUI (Quito), so I already knew it was going to be a long day but I was excited. We got to the airport, and as per usual I’m wishing we can go passed TSA more quickly (however, I’m not a complainer I will not complain because I hate when others complain but however, I do silently complain to myself) but we’re stuck on a long line and I was tasting my strawberry acai from Starbucks in my mouth. Finally, passed TSA, finally got my Starbucks (happy girl!) and was set to fly to ATL! When we got to ATL it was early and our flight wasn’t leaving until 6pm so we got food and watched the planes come in and leave. We finally boarded our seats and we helped ourselves to jack + cokes (yay comfort+!).
(Brief Side note:  As, I stated in my about me I am not a drinker however, I will enjoy a drink every once in a blue just to make sure I’m still in my early 20’s.)
Anyways, we finally landed after 5 hours in Quito, Ecuador and it was beautiful! I went through customs and felt a little scared because it was my first time but it went smoothly and I got my passport stamped for the first time ever!


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