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Cali Series Pt.3: Walk of Fame + In & Out

Cali: Hollywood Walk of Fame +

Checks I made off my bucket list:
1. Walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame 
2. Try In + Out 

Walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Since I went to California in December 2017 and a week before Christmas it was a little chilly out due to the day we had gone to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame we went there was no sun outside and barely any people outside so it was a very greatful experience which included a nice stroll with my significant other as we walked around. Staring at the stars and naming people we knew and what we knew them for. It was a nice bonding time with my partner. This was something I’ve always wanted to do because I always felt like this was the main thing I wanted to do in California. This was where I was going to feel like the absolute tourist and I did and I loved every. Single. Minute.  I was honestly just truly excited to be on Hollywood Blvd and seeing all these stars with famous peoples’ names and knowing that I was able to see a part of California that most wouldn’t really think to see.


Hollywood Walk of Fame is 18 blocks long although I only walked 6 of those blocks. We parked our car near the beginning of the
Hollywood Walk of Fame which was:
N Highland Ave & Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90028.

My Experience at IN + Out:


Let me start off by saying in New York, we have a burger place called 5 guys and I am OBSESSED. If you are ever in New York please go check it out you won’t regret it!
** ok back to Cali **
So, basically I had HUGE expectations for IN + Out due to:
1. How popular it is &
2. I wanted to see if it was up to par with 5 guys

So, my significant other and I on our last day of being in California after saying we were going to eat In + Out for the past 4 days finally went. We originally were gonna do the drive-thru however, it was absolutely packed and we waited on it realizing it was taking forever and we probably would get out food faster if we would have gotten inside so luckily a lady left her parking spot and we quickly parked and made our journey inside In + Out!  When we got there, it was crowded so I expected to wait a long time for my food however, it was very quick as we only waited less than 5 minutes!

I got a burger, regular fries, + a diet coke.
My boyfriend got a burger, cheese fries, + I believe a sprite.


We decided to eat outside because it was a beautiful sunny day and there was chairs and tables outside our Inglewood location, so I was happy to be getting a nice view of California while eating at in + out!
 The food was amazing, very up to par with 5 guys. However, unfortunately I can’t love it that much because if I do I’d want to fly to California every weekend  just for a burger + fries!


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