Pregnancy Series: 1St trimester=HORRIBLE TRIMESTER



1st. Dr’s appt: April 19. 2018
1st time I saw baby: April 27, 2018
1st time I heard babies heartbeat: May 15. 2018.

SIZES DURING THE 1ST TRIMESTER (Based of Fruits & Vegetables & my opinions of each fruit/veggie):
WEEK 4: Poppyseed (unsure)
WEEK 5: Peppercorn (don’t really know)
WEEK 6: Pomegranate Seed (YUM!)
WEEK 7: Blueberry (not a fan personally of the fruit)
WEEK 8: Raspberry (not a fan)
WEEK 9: Cherry (These are yummy)
WEEK 10: Kumquat (never tried)
WEEK 11: Fig (NOT a fan)ย 

WEEK 12: PLUM (yum)
Week 13: Lemon (These are a must in the household)

MY 1st trimester reflections:

6 1/2weeks- this is when my evil morning sickness started. I hate this part right hereeeee. I just can’t stop throwing uppppp (this is my mantra sing it to the tune of: I hate this part- Pussycat Dolls) NO joke hate this part. I just want to eat one thing. I beg you little evil peanut to let me eat one thing. I learned however I like pomegranate or shall I say we like pomegranate? and mcdonalds?? what is up with the mcdonalds?
8wks: Thank you thank you thank you thank you x1 million to my HUSBAND! He is super supportive. Tried to eat mango gelato from martha’s ??! hahah no way did you like that.. so we went to mcdonalds & you know what baby did like? medium diet coke & medium fries (yum but no bbq sauce or i’ll vomit again). I hate vomitting did I mention that?
9 Wks: Seabands = LIFE SAVERS. Doctors visit!! Baby has a strong heartbeat & super healthy, HOWEVERRRR!!!!!!!! WHEN WILL THE NAUSEA AND VOMITTING END?!!?!??!?!
10-11wks: We bought so much stuff (see list below)!! Thank you so much babies r us & toys r us for closing down because of you I am able to buy so much shit at such a small cost because tiny babies = expensive.. might as well just buy a house instead of having a baby.. might cost the same? Also my lovely doggo is noticing i’m pregnant .. is this a good thing? I am his momma after all….

13 wks+6days: OFFICIALLY DONE WITH THE HORRIBLE TRIMESTER!! FINALLLYYYYY I stopped vomitting **thanks all the higher powers in the world because I can be myself again, I can LIVE again *jkjk** I started to eat soo much, I am actually embarrassed. Baby is being super stubborn aka won’t let us see he/she because he or she wants to move around & be active and not sit still.. begging you don’t take after me because I was a HORRIBLE baby but a MUCH better adult *thanks higher powers**
However, I’m SUPER excited to meet baby Navas. I’m super excited can this journey be over? Or will I bite my tongue later? Let’s see!!??!


2. 4 Outfits (Gender neutral)
3. a pair of shoes
4. a BUNCH of sokes
5. Blankets + fuzzy blankets
6. A pack & playย 
7. a car seat + stroller
8. so so so much more things ๐Ÿ˜ฆย 







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