PREGNANCY SERIES: 3rd Trimester!

Read all about my 3rd trimester!





I just want to say, 3rd trimester is absolutely no joke, let me explain.

If I had to describe pregnancy this is how I’d describe it:

1st trimester: yay I’m pregnant!!!!!! * cue morning sickness * ugh i hate this

2nd trimester; It’s a … (in my case…GIRL)!!.. Aww ๐Ÿฅฐ little kicks !! How cute * closer to end of 2nd trimester * ugh this baby is killing my ribs !

3rd trimester: I can’t see my feet, my feet are swollen, my ankles are swollen, my everywhere is swollen. I can’t walk 5 steps without having to pee, did I tinkle? idk.. Ugh my back hurts. I only slept 4 hours each night this past weeks due to insomnia.

3rd trimester to say the least was rough. I was tired of pregnancy, like super tired. See, my whole pregnancy she was breech, her feet down and head up. She wouldn’t turn. I was still working at my somehow stressful 2 day a week medical office job and hating every minute of it. All my pregnancy hormones were in full force when working because of how much I dreaded it. I hated when my boss asked me questions, I hated when patients asked questions, I hated it so much. Yet I worked until the day my water broke..If you want me to spoil it for you, i’m Now a SAHM. (See birth story post for the continuation)

– However, I turned 21! Happy 21 to me! You would think I would be upset but, I wasn’t. I’m not a drinker & I made my S.O (significant other) get drunk for me so that was a win for both of us!

I also went crazy on buying and organizing baby things! It was absolutely ridiculous how obsessed I got with cleaning.

We started doing “it” more and I tried to work out for once and it was just a weird time. 3rd trimester was a weird time indeed.

Some things I recommend:

– Get the maternity clothes but not too many, like atleast 2-3 items because even after pregnancy you can still fit it and honestly it gets uncomfortable after a while to only fit in pj’s. BUT, if you only wanna get one thing, I highly recommend the leggings those were AMAZING (unfortunately, I lost them @ the hospital.. I must go buy a new pair now that I remembered)

– Stretch mark cream (if you haven’t been using any!)

– A nice yet tough pillow that you can snuggle with for those nights you can’t sleep & have back pain! ( don’t waste your money with a pregnancy pillow)

– Water. YES, you’ll pee a lot but who cares? Stay hydrated for you and your little one!

– I hope you enjoyed reading my post!

If you are still reading please leave a comment on some product you have tried (if you’ve ever been pregnant) or any baby products I should try!! I’m *currently* trying to find new products for baby girl , I prefer natural!

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