Baby Series

Month 1

Month 1 of baby Zoey’s life was very interesting.

The first 2 weeks were spent in the NICU and the last 2 weeks were spent at home.

Her first doctors appointment was on:
Weight: 5lbs 4oz
2 weeks in the NICU, Then graduated NICU on November 14,2018.

Life in the nicu? well that’s another story 😏 (I’m sorry but it truly is)

However, to sum up her first two weeks of life, I was completely stressed out and crying all the time. Baby girl was being looked after and cared for by the best doctors which, I knew but I missed her so much even though I was with her 24/7.

Life at home for the last 2 weeks of her 1st month of life? Was amazing.

All she did was sleep, she woke up to eat, we did have some gas problems & tummy problems but we went through an impending battle with formula (another story) because of all the stress I was unable to product anymore breastmilk. For the record, I am completely fine giving baby girl formula. I don’t believe formula vs breastmilk should be a stance. Also, she cheeks started to get a little red and flaring.

She was the best baby (still is) & truly we never have a “dull day”

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