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Thoughts – Feb 7

Having a baby is hard. That’s not even a question. Infact, sometimes it gets so hard that I feel like giving up but, how do you give up on your baby? Especially when they don’t know what’s going on in the world? They didn’t ask to be here, you carelessly (or may have purposely) made that beautiful baby who doesn’t understand what is happening to him/her and it’s stressing you out as well because you’re a new mom. You have absolutely NO CLUE what you’re doing and you HOPE you’re doing enough. Is the baby watching too much tv? The tv is showing mickey mouse.. which is teaching her how to count to 10 and backwards from 10, and teaching her learning. Why do i feel like a “bad mom” because my 3 month old is watching tv? I just need a break.. including food, a facial, coffee, a long bathroom break including the longest possible bath ever.

* Goes on Tangent About Baths*

All my pregnancy I was dying to take a bath.. I never did. I do not currently live somewhere that has a bathtub. I hate stand-in showers. I want to be one of those girls who have a ton of lush products so I can make baths for mysef every single night. Okay, i’m reaching a bit too far but you get the point.

* Tangent Over *

I’d loveeee to do all that & move out (that’s another topic for another day but everything comes with it’s own timeframe. Unfortunately it’s part of life, but it doesn’t make me hate it any less.

btw, i’m making pork chops for dinner tonight.

i need to go grocery shopping

– rant over???? –

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