daily thoughts

Feb 5

Today was hub’s day off & also 56 degrees in New York City so we took baby to Roosevelt Field Mall!

I went to my favorite store on planet earth which is bath & body works & bought a eucalyptus essential oil mist that I’ve been DYING for! I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a candle hoarder. I absolutely love candles & it’s always a sad day when one gets lit. It gets reallt dramatic in my household .. i’m takes me about 20 minutes to decide which beloved candle I want to burn & then I mourn it’s loss and then I burn it.

R.I.P to my Frozen Lake Candle:

It was put to good use.

Donated to my brother. Trust & believe it was put to good use. You smelled amazing.

(My room.. not my brothers)


after B&BW we just were looking around the mall. Not necessarily buying anything, however, I did convince hubs to get a pair of addidas shoes.

Afterwards, we went home after we had managed to spend 3 hours in the mall.

We left babygirl with grandma & grandpa while we went on a mini date to applebees.

During my pregnancy, I was OBSESSED with Applebees. In truth, I still am. We always order a 2 for $25 , we always get bbq boneless wings , he always gets something different (he is NO basic bitch) and I always get the same thing. Specifically: Oriental Chicken Salad – no almonds – grilled chicken – extra dressing.

I know what you’re thinking … a freaking salad from Applebees? But it’s not a regular salad it’s an amazing salad. The dressing is what gets me every time. I liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee for it 😍😍 yum yum yumm! *my mouth is currently watering*

After Applebees we just went home & ended the night.

Ending the night means: putting baby to sleep for the night & then hubs going to sleep & me being up watching tv or blogging truthfully *sometimes we switch it up & have sex *

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