Baby Series

The Day My Life Changed Forever

My birth story. I hope you enjoy the read.

MY birth story 35wks+4days


October 30, 2018:

I went to work at 9am, hubs dropped me off. That day I was unusually highly stressed out. My “maternity leave” date was only 4 weeks away & I was so excited to be home and rest & decorate for baby to come but I was crying. I was in so much pain during the end of my pregnancy, my lower back hurt so badly that I could barely sleep. I wanted it to be over with and I wish I knew when I was freaking out and crying about wanting to go home at 9am that it was going to be soon.

Because I took a picture I know the exact time but at 4:36pm my mucous plug ruptured ( it was disgusting) to explain what I felt…

** warning graphic**

as I wiped my “area” it felt like running egg whites that just came out of the egg. completely mucousy and disgusting (I gagged)

* end graphic content *

it was very “mucousy” and severely gross *pg version*.

After that, my water broke, I felt like I “kept peeing” (as I told mom & dr) my ob told me go to hospital so I went right after work to my delivering hospital & thet made me fill out the paperwork. I filled it all out, they put me in the room, I take a pee test ( absolutely ridiculous to pee test a pregnant women it’s so hard to NOT get pee on your hand!) & they check me & do a check with really long swabs (OUCH)! The doctor tells me ” I don’t think your water broke ” so I said, ” well why do I keep peeing myself and can not stop even when I keegel?” so she said, ” let me run more tests on the swabs & we check ” 5 minutes later 3 doctors come in and i’m getting admitted. I start freaking out cause I assumed they’d let me go home but nope I am stuck there and I didn’t even pack a hospital bag. All of a sudden I start getting contractions, they put an iv in me, they give me medicine to stop the contractions, they gave me a steroid in my arm instead of butt (does NOT hurt in the arm!) to mature her lungs (I could be wrong) and hooked me up to a machine to monitor my contractions and babygirl’s heartbeat for 24hrd. The whole night I kept hearing her heartbeat and it was so reassuring. I had her godfather bring me clothes I made my little brother put in a bag for me. I’m truly thankful for them for that.

October 31st, 2018:

Hubs went to get me starbucks and they transferred me to a different room while he was out. I was all alone in the room for an hour (but I did get served breakfast). I continued to hate my life, feeling trapped due to the fact I wasn’t allowed to leave my bed and I was growing absolutely tired of sitting in a hospital bed. All I wanted was fresh air but I couldn’t leave and I kept leaking fluid so I constantly felt like I was peeing. (NOT FUN!)

November 1, 2018.

I wish I knew that today was gonna be the day I give birth.

I woke up early to a nurse wanting to check my vitals & then soon after followed by breakfast (breakfast was at noon)

(Can I say my hospital (KATZ WOMENS HOSPITAL LIJ) has the best food.)

My aunt came shortly after that (around 1-2pm) and was just hanging out with me and Hubs. Around 4pm I started to feel sleepy so I took a nap.. Hubs and My Aunt left so I can sleep and when I woke up they were there and I felt very groggy and in a lot of pain. My aunt called the nurses & all of a sudden doctors and more nurses came into the room and they were ready to wheel me into the operating room. I was not ready.

I freaked out .

I cried because the goal was to have her in my belly for another week. She was breech (her feet and butt down and head up) and she was showing no signs of turning so I had to go through a c-section. Let me tell you … a c-section made me freak out even more. I wasn’t prepared.. I expected to have my baby full term, all natural, no meds & there I was being rushed to sign consent forms & being rushed I just needed a minute. Everyone was talking to me all at once, I just couldn’t handle it. I kept crying and crying because I was so scared & it hit me..

I’m 21 . I should be partying, traveling every other month , getting drunk living my fucking best life ever & here I was about to get cut open and have a baby.

I was crying on the way into the operating room, I was crying when they gave me the spinal.. THANKFULLY after that I calmed down. Yes I was super dramatic, but I was so scared. I was constantly being told by every nurse & every doctor that came in that my baby would be in the NICU. I was scared.

However, at 8:05pm my life changed.

For 2 hours after surgery I was stuck in the post-op room because family kept coming in & distracting me from trying to move my legs. I had to lift my butt off the bed to be able to transfer beds so I can go back into my room & be one step closer to seeing Zoey again. I was finally able to do it, I cried a little of relief & then I went back into my room. They left me for a bit but had to take the Catheter out of me (ew yes) in a few but they gave me some time to relax. After that, hubs and I had a moment to ourselves we talked a little bit, afterwards the nurses came back in & had to make me walk outside my room and back inside for me to be able to take the catheter out. I wasn’t truly able to but I kept pushing myself to go one more step even though it was hard but I wasn’t going to let them see me struggle. They asked me which medication I wanted, I hate taking medication BUT I just had abdominal surgery so I took tylenol and motrin , I never took the perks.. that’s just not my style lol. I’m all for smoking weed but that’s about it.

Continuing, then they proceeded to give me the go-ahead to take out the catheter but, I had to pee within the next few hours.. (wtf?!? I just had surgery!?) so I said okay. I started to drink water (partially due to being thirsty) and then hubs wheeled me down to the NICU to FINALLY go see my baby at around 12am.

After holding her for 15 minutes I needed to pump because I was leaking.

This was the begining of 2 week NICU Journey.


Hubs preppred for C-Section!!

FINALLY seeing my baby girl!

* the end *

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