daily thoughts

February 16

So i’ve realized I’m not a “friend” person. In truth, I don’t care to have “friends”. I’m content and happy in life to be with my hubs & my baby girl is that bad? All my childhood I did the absolute “most” to have friends. I’ve spent so much money and time on friends who are no longer in the picture so why continue?

As I continue every day in my adult life and now as a mom, I realize that yes it’s cool to have a few friends but honestly i’ve found peace in being with my family.

I don’t have to explain why i’m inconsistent & why I prefer to be alone sometimes. It’s just who I am. MOM life did not change my attitude toward life at all. I still wanna live my best fucking life ever & do whatever the hell I want. WHY? because guess what? when my daughter grows up she will live her own life. I feel like we as parents only reproduce to guide our offsprings through life. Then they have their own experiences. Maybe my daughter when she enters her 20’s will NOT get pregnant at the prime age to party & will go & get fucked up because she’s 21 and living her life. I’ll fully support her, i’ll be proud of whatever she does in life, but I also can’t wait till she turns 20/21 to live my life. I need to do it as she grows.. plus when she’s 20/21 i’ll only be 40/41 so guess what? i’ll still be a sexy young milf just aging like fine wine.

* rant over *

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