daily thoughts

Feb 17


well technically it is February 18 because it’s 2:27 am but let’s ignore that as I’m more of an ” its the next day when I go to sleep & wake up ” or a ” when the sun rises again ” type of person.

I can’t sleep as per usual, it was raining in NYC so as the cars pass by the tires sound wet kind of making a “swoosh” sound on the pavement as they drive by. Many people speed by my window, some drive at moderate speeds it’s always the same swoosh just fast/slow depending on the vehicle or do we blame the driver for the sounds? I don’t blame any of them too much, for me I don’t mind the sounds as I wind down to end my night and hopefully get some sleep soon.

I just spent the last few hours of my night watching WWE the Elimination Chamber . Thanks to hubs, I have become a huge fan because we always watch Monday & Tuesdays and ofcourse he has the subscription to WWE Network SO we watch everything. It’s our little bonding moment, except tonight he went to sleep in the middle of it & I am absolutely sure he will end up re-watching it tomorrow. Anyways, to spoil it ( if he reads my blog tomorrow (18th) or not) Sasha Banks & Bayley won the first ever tag team women’s championship!! I mean it was absolutely amazing how they did it even with Sasha’s injured shoulder. They all put up a fight to make the Women’s division in WWE more powerful and you can truly see it shining all it’s power through. I loveeeeeeeeeee itt * sings * .

After that, Bobbby Lashley & hit little sidekick who doesn’t stfu vs Finn – Finn won in the most amazing way (making little sidekick who does NOT stfu submit!!). Which was GOOD for they asses but then Bobby Lashley went nuts on his lil annoying side kick Leo Rush (finally said his annoying name)

Next, Ronda Rousey vs Ruby Riott WITH Charlotte Flair watching on the side lined- that was an obvious match of Ronda Rousey winning by submission ( that arm bar is a bitch )

Which followed by Charlotte Flair wanting to fight Ronda Rousey right then & there but then Becky Lynch comes out of nowhere on crutches and starts hitting Charlotte Flair and then sneakily traps Ronda Rousey in her assaults.

After that I stopped watching for a little bit truthfully.

Lastly, the elimination chamber (pt.2) for the men. Daniel annoying ass Bryan vs Orton , Samoa Joe, Styles, Kingston & Hardy. Ofcourse Daniel Bryan won, but the watch was definitely a must see however, I won’t be narrarating the match. I wish Kofi won, I feel like Bryan is just doing way toooooo much lately with the whole ” bad guy ” story line.

I’m kind of getting sleepy (2:36am)

Anyways, a little recap of my day aside from WWE:

I researched some ways to play with baby girl because honestly how the fuck do you play with an almost 4 month old? The answer is you can’t bc they can’t talk. So i had to google that shit & I made her pick up her little toys that she likes & look at herself in the mirror and she thoroughly enjoys it. ***** ALSO: I thinkkkk she might be going through a leap or growth **** reason being is due to the fact that she’s all of a sudden napping? and my girl doesn’t nap through the day. “Today” she napped 4 times. I was like wtf … who is this baby? She’s not screaming and wide awake? Omg. I guess all the play we did all day long really tired her out but maybe she is just growing .

In case I never said it anywhere on my blog. Baby girl is currently 3 almost 4 months , she eats 6 (sometimes 7) times a day witb 6oz per feed and at night for her last feed she gets cereal in her bottle for bed time. Then she sleeps from 12-10:30am & the routine continues!

OK so i’m getting super sleepy my eyes feel hella heavy so i’m going to go to sleep (hopefully)!


Goodmorning !!


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