Feb 18

Melaine's thoughts on February 18, 2018.

Helloo my dearest readerssss!!

Can you tell that I am in a good mood!??!


This is a “rare” day for me because honestly, I almost never have truly good days. I find it a little weird considering that this morning was NOT a good one.

Want to get the scoop into my life? Well here it goes. Woke up at 5am to baby wanting to be in our bed. It’s completely 100% my fault for this because after hubs leaves for work at 4am around 5-6am baby girl will start to wake up and she will go back to sleep with her pacy but that requires me to get up out of bed constantly (meaning every 5 fucking minutes) * INSERT HUGE ASS SAD FACE HERE * ANYWAYS, so back to my story. She woke up, I put her in our bed. Pushed hubs to move him (he did move) and then we all went back to sleep. DON’T GIVE ME ANY SHITTTTTTT!!!!!!!!! OKAY!? I am like a fucking rock in sleep. I don’t move. I wake up in the same position ALWAYS (unless I am cuddling with hubs THEN obviously I will be moved). So don’t give me no bullshit on sleeping with my kid, it’s how it works for my sanity and my life. Too each it’s own.

Side note: that ^ sounded awkwardly hostile and I truly from the bottom of my heart meant no harm.

OK ANYWAYS, so anyways 9am rolls around and guess what!?! Baby starts crying again and hubs didn’t wake up so I got mad which resulted into a huge argument that lasted from around 9 to let’s say 11am? How did we get over that you may ask? We had sex. LOL Yup. (SORRY Hubs if you’re reading. I love you so much xoxo) Anyways, after that we took baby a shower finally.

Can I be honest? We fucking suck at bath time. We are horrible parents when it comes to bath time. Like how many times in a week should you bathe your baby? I don’t freaking know. I bathe her once a week, but thanks to google I will now be bathing her sundays, tuesdays, and fridays. I’m trying to start a routine with her as she approached 4 months.

After that, hubs left to work which is when I started to do my normal routine which includes cleaning up our room (we currently are living with my parents for the meantime.. will be moving out *hopefully* march 1st or somewhere around there as well as doing the laundry. I also have to feed baby and she currently eats every 3-4 hours and sleeps all night which is great but rarely naps during the day. Although, this week she’s been taking 1 long nap during the mid-afternoon. But i’m not complaining because sometimes you just need a break.

Moving forward, afterwards I made some white rice to start making my dinner for today. After that baby started to become fussy being alone so I put her in the swing in the kitchen with me and she was happy again. We were listening to music as I started to season the mushrooms (very lightly) and the carrots as well. Afterwards, I put them in a sauce pot and cooked them on medium-high until the mushrooms turned brown then turned it all the way down to low and let it cook on it’s own for a bit. As I was doing that, I seasoned the meat and then put it in the fridge to really marinate those flavors for a bit. When the mushrooms and carrots were done I washed all the dishes that were left over and the baby bottles that I found around the room. Lastly, I took the steak out of the fridge and then cooked them and then bam. dinner was done.

Dinner: Steak, Mushrooms, Carrots, & Rice.

Afterwards, I put the laundry in my room since it was done and then took baby in the room. I just recently ate (and finished as I was writing) the current time is 7:28pm and baby girl is sleeping and she’s been asleep for the past hour and a half. If she doesn’t wake up by 8pm then I may/may not wake her up. I don’t like to wake her up, I rather her wake up on her own. So I guess, if she is not up by 8:30pm I will wake her myself.
I am craving brownies so badly and I have brownie mix but I truly should not go and make brownies. I won’t do it. I told hubs i want Martha’s. Maybe when he gets home from work I will go to Martha’s.

I’m going to wrap this up for now here. I will republish when the day is done
Current time: 7:37pm
Baby is still sleeping

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