daily thoughts

Feb 23

Truthfully, I am starting to feel like this is the section of my blog where I daily blog about whatever shit I want but then I leave for a couple days & feel like I need to update you on my life.

Truthfully, half I don’t remember because of routine, however yesterday I went around. I took the car which meant waking up at 5am taking hubs to work by 6am then coming home, parking, not being able to fall back asleep, falls back asleep finally only for the baby to wake me up 1 hr later. yay for sleep!!

Then, I had my usual ” breakfast” aka coffee & fed baby.

Got ready for the day & got baby ready in her outfit. * i took horrible pics of her so i won’t be posting * unfortunately, I suck at taking pictures of her. I’m learning & thanks to facetune i’m doing ” okayish” for now.

Then her & I went to buybuybaby & bought her some stuff ($91 worth of shit). On our way to the mall she ended up cutting up her whole face in a fit of rage (um why can’t I find bigger mittens? and i use socks as mittens as a result but this was my fault. i didn’t put the socks on her hands) so we went to the mall & I went into Armani & bought hubs a nice sweatshirt ($95 but SO worth it) After that we went home because she went crazy & I was all alone. Atleast at home I have my mom & dad for help. So we went home & I left her home to pick hubs up from work..

* end of feb 22 *

Today has truly been a good day except i’m home all alone. Also, i’m trying to change my style so this is stressing me out a bit.

i’m unfortunately coming to writers block with this post due to the fact I have a million other things to do (at home) so until next time.


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