✈️ Traveling with Baby For the First Time ✈️

As a first time mom, you’re always nervous about something (or atleast I am) and I was especially nervous for a straight flight from JFK to LAX. The long 6 hour flight and change of time zones just made me nervous.

Was I prepared? Hell yes!

Was I shitting bricks the whole time? YES!

However, I planned ahead.I watched a ton of youtube videos and made a little mental list:

Feed baby during take off & landing .. bottle in the middle of the flight , change diaper before boarding so no problems & you have a happy baby.

So I was essentially prepared mentally, and did use that little “mental check list” and had an amazing experience. She was the best baby and EVERYONE had to let us know (both coming & going). Us = Hubs & I.

Going through TSA was annoying which is usually the case. It’s especially annoying when you have a baby, carry on, stroller, etc. THANKFULLY, going through TSA in JFK was a breeze becauee coming back we had a problem which was my fault because I left a water bottle filled with baby water in our diaper bag.

Although, I will say I did have a positive experience because of everything I packed in my diaper bag and in my carry on I still had that feeling of nervousness. I’m the type of person who likes to be mindful of her surrounds so thankfully it wasn’t a pleasant experience & I absolutely can NOT wait until our next adventure.

* Fingers Crossed * She will be the best baby again on the flights.

See you Soon 💓,

Nuomb 👸🏻💓


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