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BABY SHOWER 09/30/18

Melaine's Baby Shower Experience 09/30/2018 - MAINLY PICTURES -

I decided while pregnant with Zoey to plan my whole baby shower by myself. I know it’s not traditional to plan your own but I wanted it my way. I’m not saying that I was not stressed out for 3 months about the party because I bitterly had no ideas for a baby shower especially my own. So I did some digging, I eventually came up with an airplane there, “All the places she’ll go” also including “it’s a girl” decor because nothing else made me excited and it was easy to incorporate with my travel theme. Hubs and I love to travel so I figured it’d be a cute theme to include hubs. I loved my baby shower.
However, leading up to that day was absolutely nuts. We didn’t have everything we needed so we needed to still buy things up until Saturday Night. Hubs & I spent all night making so many desserts AND I HAD TO DYE MY HAIR! We had 4 hours of sleep until Sunday (The day of the baby shower). Sunday morning we had to load everything into the cars and set up for the baby shower (hubs, my brother, and I) thankfully people came to help so it got done quickly. However, when 2pm came for the party I needed to go home and get ready so hubs and I quickly got ready and went back to our party! I had a blast! However, I wish my awkwardness and anti-socialness did not get in the way because I wish I didn’t let hubs do all the “hosting” and let myself speak as well because I did plan the whole thing. However, I had an amazing time and it truly ended so quickly which made me so sad. I am glad that Zoey, Damian, and I have a huge support system of love around us.

Enjoy some pictures of my baby shower:


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