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All About My Diaper Bag + What’s Inside!

Review/Summary of Eddie Bauer Fashion Heather Back pack.

I’ve recently switched my diaper bag from a big tote that I got at Bath & Body Works (LOL) to a backpack.
Honestly, I NEVER assumed I would be a “backpack wearer” but after 21 years of life and one baby later, I am a “backpack wearer” thanks to my baby girl. Truthfully, it’s saving my life but there are pros and cons.

However, First let’s get into it all about my diaper bag (and what’s inside):

It is an Eddie Bauer Fashion Heather Back Pack. It has 11 pockets, 1 wipe case, 1 insulated pocket for the bottle, comes with a diaper changing pad, and apparently a
It’s an Eddie Bower Diaper Backpack. It has 11 pockets, 1 wipe case, 1 insulated pocket, it also comes with diaper changing pad, and apparently a little bag as well (I did not receive this). It also has stroller straps which I LOVEEEEEEE because don’t get me wrong I don’t mind wearing the backpack but I rather not wear anything. It’s very convenient for me and my lifestyle at the moment. Also, it’s very nice on your back, kind of feels like a board but a very comfortable one so it helps to support your posture. Truly, I like it.

PRICE: $50

Picture(s) of my (new) diaper bag:


My diaper Bag includes:

  1. 6 diapers. I am currently using Huggies Snug & Dry.
    – I always take 6 diapers, I’ve never needed more than 6 for a day out.
  2. I use the wipe case it comes with and put my Huggies Natural Care Wipes (THEY ARE MY FAVORITE)
  3. I also have my own wipe case from the Tote that also has wipes in them. ** I use so many wipes it’s ridiculous sometimes **
  4. 2 bibs + 1 burp cloth
  5. Destin Diaper Cream (Although, at home I use Bourdeaux)
  6. Extra change of clothes
  7. Toys (Rattle)
  8. 2-4 Pacifies + wubbanub + teething monkey
  9. Cleaning Cloths for all over the body (incase of accidents)
  10. 3 bottles with 6oz of water inside (She eats every 3-4 hours)
  11. 3 Pre-measured potions of formula (similac pro-advanced) in a formula dispenser
  12. Pacy Wipes, Toy Wipes, Boogie Wipes, Thermometer (in a lil bag)
  13. LASTLY, but not least: My wallet, my keys, anything extra I may need for the day.

Let’s get down to the pro/cons shall we?
Since I love and am all about positivity, let’s start with the Pros.

– It’s less straining on my back
– The included on the bag stroller hooks make me happy (also cause I don’t have to spend more money on stroller hooks)
– Lots of pockets make me happy with organization
– I like the wipes case on the side because I don’t have to take out my spare one in my bag incase if I need to clean up something

– I am used to bags so I liveeee for the deep pockets. I used to just use a bunch of bags into my diaper bag tote and that worked for me, so it’s taking me time to get used to the backpack.
– I feel like the “pockets” are a little bit too “Tight” (as in close together). With that being said, I feel like all the items I have that fit nicely in little bags now i can’t use those bags in the backpack unfortunately because there is a limited amount of space.
However, I just got the back pack so I still need to “break it in” as we’ll.

In conclusion,
For the price, I really like the bag. For me and my lifestyle (And I believe many other people with different lifestyles) this bag works and it’s enjoyable. I really like the pockets although a little inconvenient at the moment, It takes a lot of strain off my back and when you have a new baby you are constantly feeling back pain or arm pain or tired and this bag helps to alleviate at least a part of the problem.
10/10 – Will recommend to everyone (aka why I made a blog post on it)


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