Baby Series


Month 2 of Baby Zoey Penelope's Life.

Weight: 11lbs
Doctor Appointment: She got her shots (we do vaccinate) and she did cry. Doctor gave us some ketazone (I believe that’s how you spell it) shampoo for her head and cheeks. He also said he does not consider her preemie due to the fact she has more than doubled her weight…
Concerns: Zoey’s cheeks are very red and scabby. Shampoo helps, but it doesn’t go away.

– her pacifier
– playing with mom and dad
– Loves Mickey Mouse & PJ Masks
– Enjoys Car Rides
– Loves looking at lights and people.

– doesn’t really like to be alone
– doesn’t like her bassinet but will sleep in playpen
– loves to be held (Especially by mommy)

Month 2 with Zoey:
She celebrated her first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Now New Years Eve. ( although she won’t remember it) She is still the best baby. She loves to hang out with her grandparents (on both sides) and she loves being in the car and going on trips to the mall, or to take dad to work so we can go to the mall. She loves being in her stroller as well especially when we go to the mall. I am still learning Zoey as she grows. However, I have recently enjoyed Rachel @ Can Do Kids for whenever I need inspiration. She is very good with her grandparents (she regularly sees them because I want her to have a connection with our parents)

My biggest concern as a parent: I feel as though she doesn’t get enough “learning” but I also feel like how much can you do with a baby? So thankfully Rachel @ Can Do helps me feel “inspiration” (this is NOT sponsored I’m just a first time young mom stressed out) to do more things with her beside the usual.

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