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✈️ My Guide for Baby Travels: 0-1 year

Hello everyone,

* Before I begin, let me add a little disclaimer: ALWAYS make sure to check with the airline you are flying & TSA for regulations on ANYTHING you expect to take with you to the airport*

So traveling with my 2 month old was honestly the best experience. I went into it super nervous but I KNEW I had everything.

Although I packed only for a 1 night, 2 day trip I will continue to use this guide for her up until she is 1 yr old if we ever go anywhere.

So let’s start with the negative.

Cons of the Trip:

I truly truly only have 1. Which was not checking in the carseat because it was NOT an airplane seat (which we learned IN FLIGHT) & I held her the whole time.

Here we go let’s get started

Travel To Do List:

– Feed baby on schedule that you have at home, don’t switch it up even if you switch time zones. If you feed your baby every 3-4 hrs like I do then continue that but remember the time zomes & don’t confuse yourself.

– Feed baby on take off & landing (or just give a pacifier if they are asleep)

– Pack for how many days you are going

Things to Pack:

• If you breastfeed, then you should bring all the supplies that make you comfortable. (Same if you pump, bring your pump!)

• If you formula feed – Bring your formula they will NOT tell you anything (they might check it for security reasons) ( I brought 1 can because that was more than enough for the trip)

• If you use bottles, bring bottles. Also, if you formula feed you are allowed to bring enough baby water in the bottle for the flight. (I filled up 4 bottles & they gave me no trouble) ALSO bring a little TSA approved sized bottle filled with some bottle soap and a little squeegee to clean the bottles

• Clothes . I always “pack extra” meaning atleast 2-4 extra outfits. You never know how the weather is outside or if your baby will have a blow up or throw up or some random scenario that would only happen when you guys are not at home. (moms you understand)

• If you have not read my All About My Diaper Bag + What’s Inside! post, please read that because I bring my baby bag with all the contents in that post!

• I also bring a light/medium jacket and a heavy one (We live in NYC so the cold weather calls for it) & 2 blankets

• We also bring a pack of diapers but this optional because you can also buy them wherever you are going.

• Last but not least, we bring our Lulyboo so that she can sleep in it.

* Truthfully, this was one of the best gifts especially since it converts to a backpack so hubs can carry it on his back *

– What I don’t bring –

I buy baby water at wherever I go & it is inexpensive so I am okay with it.

On the Airplane:

I will bring my baby bag as well as toys for the baby & a blanket so we can cuddle and enjoy the flight.

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