daily thoughts

March 8th

i promised to never blog while I was upset but for some reason thats the only thing I want to do.

Here’s the truth. I know i’ve been blogging for a while and i’ve been so happy and cherry go lucky but honestly its not the case. It’s the reason I don’t blog as much because when you’re sad all you blog about is negativity because it’s how you’re feeling. Sometimes you just can’t take it all in and sometimes you need to vent. Sometimes you need to let the tears flow and the words fly out from under your fingertips even if you truly have no idea how this post is gonna go (im clueless too).

I want to be happy, I want to be happy on sunday, and on a rainly tuesday but why am i not built for happiness? Constant happiness is not okay because i mean is it okay? i wouldn’t even know. I think everyone has bad days & today i’m having a bad day.

Today is March 8th which is international womens day. I should be feeling empowered and beautiful but unfortunately I do not.

But to everyone else, i hope this day is a great one for you! I hope you’re kind to everyone because you truly never know what someone is going through. I hope you have an amazing womens day and don’t forget to thank the strong women in your life.

I’m cuttint this short, i’m going to take a nap and read a book it always helps me calm down and be in a better headspace.

Until next time,



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