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Reviews: Diapers & more Diapers

As a new mom, I’m all about doing my research and trying new things. So I figured I’d give my opinions on diaper brands I’ve tried for Zoey!

* Let’s Begin *

Honest Diapers:

As you can see, the designs are super cute WHICH is the 100% reason I got hooked on this brand. They also claim to be hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and all that good stuff so I was even more excited but unfortunately im our case with Zoey the diapers ran small chunky baby and she leaked out of them 3 times. I happily donated them to a baby who’s mom says she loves the diapers. They were a pass for me, but a plus for her!

Parents Choice:

Parent’s Choice diapers are sold at Walmart (or arleast that’s where I’ve found them to be at). The price for a box of 168 diapers was around $18.

Honestly, they were okay. I do like the fact they have a wetness indicator because then it makes it easier to tell if she used the bathroom. (HUGE plus for me)

The biggest problem I had with them is the fact you can just tell the quality of them are not there. I feel like the more “famous” brands (pampers, huggies) feel better than non-name brands.

Like, they were good but the quality is not there and you truly can tell and they feel weird (just my opinion). They ran a little weird in sizing for my little girl & it did leak 3x .


Omg I had a bunch of the mickey ones and we used them all up they were my fav. design lol

Tbh, I really liked the huggies, she used them in the hospital when she was preemie and hubby didnโ€™t wanna buy them bc he โ€œdidnโ€™t like themโ€ . I was like baby baby baby lemme show you goodnes & it can hold a pamper like I feel comfortable leaving a diaper on for longer than 2 hrs.However, as she is currently 4 months and only 17 lbs we once again have to switch because they get chunky around her legs.


Pampers Sensitive:

I really liked these. We only had 1 box of these (which was newborn). They fit really nice on her & it eased my worried that it was “sensitive”.

pampers Pure:

omg not a fan. I hate these. the end. I just don’t like the diaper at all and I don’t see the necessity to spend so much money for a small size of diapers?

we’re ALL about balling on a budget.


Oh man these pampers swaddlers. At first, they were great until they leaked twice & no matter how I put them they always left little red lines on her legs. I don’t understand how they always appeared even if I just strapped it super loosely. I felt like they were too “swaddly ” (possibly made up word) for me. They smelled nice though (weird but very true!)

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