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👶🏻Another Baby?!?!👶🏻

Baby # 2 ??

A lot of people constantly ask me to “ have another baby” or ask “ when is baby #2 coming?”

What I have to say to them is I don’t know.

I’m 21, I have a whole list of things I want to accomplish, I had a baby young. I was going through a lot at the time of my pregnancy and I don’t know if my birth experience truly makes me want to have another baby.

The problem with babies (WELL, kids in general) is it takes a few minutes of passion to make them and then you have to “create” them essentially in womb for approx 9 months. Kids are expensive.

Do NOT get me wrong, I LOVE my daughter to death but do I want another one? No. If my hubs can carry the next one then fine. The problem is while pregnant I didn’t feel “ sexy “ or “ my best “ I felt the absolute opposite. I loved watching baby girl grow in me from 6 weeks all the way up until 35 weeks but I love her a LOT more outside the womb.

So for all the people who continuously ask me if I want another baby, I don’t.

May I think about it in a few years? Yes absolutely but for now I will gladly continue to run to my birth control every single day to make sure I take it properly.

No more babies for me anytime soon.

Sorry not sorry ?

with lots of love & positivity,



  1. It’s so frustrating to be constantly bombarded with “Another baby?” Or “When are you going to grow your family” and so on and so forth. I understand your struggles! I hear you.

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    1. Exactly. I constantly have to remind them that pregnancy & labor is NOT easy , and raising a baby is not any easier! I truly believe I am content with my little one! Thanks for hearing me 💓


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