Baby Series

👶🏻NEW PARENT🤰🏻🤦🏻‍♀️ TAG🏷

A fun little new parent tag

1. what’s his/her name? Her name is Zoey Penelope

2. how old is she/he? Currently 18 wks

3. is she/he an only child? Yes

4. do you plan on having another child after him/her? No

5. what this a planned pregnancy? sort of? (sorry not sorry)

6. how was the delivery process? c-section .. in hospital 3 days before c-section.

7. can you imagine going through it again, or would you? I would not want to go through that again. I truly only want one, if I do have another it’s with a LOT of convincing.

8. what’s his/her birth date and time? 11/1/18 8:06 pm

9. how much did your baby weigh at birth? 4lbz 15oz

10. what personality characteristics did he/she obtain from you? um she’s only 4 months so she’s currently in the process of developing her personality.

11. what about the other parent? as stated ^ buut I wanna do an update tag

12. what do you enjoy doing most with your baby? Hanging out, watching movies, playing with her toys, reading to her

13. what have you struggled with? adjusting to being a parent, umm having to be responsible for a little baby (i’m a sahm but sometimes im like wow like i’m responsible for whatever you do for the next 20 years or she leaves for college) like that’s a huge commitment and i’m stuck in it. But i absolutely love it & her. Also patience, I seriously lack patience and i’m learning I promise.

14. how does it feel to be a new parent? honestly amazing! It has it’s ups and downs, but every day is different and never a dull day.

15. can you introduce us to your baby/do a nursery or room tour? yes i’d love to do this when I finish setting up my apartment. I plan on doing a whole tour.

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