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🗣👫HOW WE MET (07/17) 👫💏

You know, for a “millennial” I can honestly say this story is NOT what you expect.

Spoiler Alert: We did NOT meet on the Internet.

🚨Story Below ⬇️🚨

So, my friend at the time (we are no longer friends) came to my house. ((WARNING: I won’t get too much into the details because some things should not be said)) She was trying to convince me to be a 3rd wheel for her but that her boyfriend was bringing a friend. I INSTANTLY said NO. I mean I just got out of a relationship (which turned abusive toward the end) and I had a bruise on my face so I could NOT go out like this and on top of that I was embarrassed. I felt a little discouraged but after some convincing I decided okay to go. I said you know what it’s summer, it’s nice out, I’m newly single let me have fun and live my life. (Little did I fucking know right??) Finally her boyfriend and his friend come and we drive around the block and his friend is there (I later found out he was changing out of work clothes) so we get out of the car and the first thing I say to him is, “ Is that an Audi A4?” He said, “ yes” and I made a joke about how I hoped he wouldn’t drive like a grandma.

Fun fact about me: I LOVE Cars ESP German & Italian

Anyways, he made a joke and in the car on the way to Coney Island (which was about 40 minutes) it was a little bit of awkward silence and he asked me my name twice. TBH I was nervous, I was like idk who this guy is and my friend just let me go into his car? What if he has a girlfriend? I didn’t even ask! We talked a little but then he started to speed to Coney. We got there, found parking, parked, and I am a little shy and nervous in the beginning soo I ended up gravitating toward my friend (she also did the same to me). We were living our best lives in the summer and I truly at that moment felt carefree, then we realized we weren’t alone so we kind of slowly went back to boys. We eventually split apart and that is when I got to know Damian. We ended up having a lot in common and it was just a great conversation. I will mention that I did try to kiss him twice .. once on the water on rock and on top lifeguard seat (BOTH times a fail). After that we ended up going to their friends house (more like parking garage) and smoking a blunt (which he rolled) and he kissed me then. After that, we hung out a little more and then he took me home with NO directions which I found super creepy and then LATER found out he only lived 10 minutes away from me. & Honestly after that we’ve been living “ happily ever after” although we’ve had a LOT of downs and ups.

Honestly, the first night we met he had me hooked. He made me feel safe and comfortable something I never really felt in anyone. To this day he’s my best friend, he’s the only person I want to be around whenever something’s wrong or anything goes on in my life. I want him around me all the time and honestly after that day we truly have been inseperable since.

July 2017 – 💓

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