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Baby Favorites: 0-3 Months

Hello Everyone!
How are you all? I hope you’re doing well!
For today’s blog, I will be discussing all my baby favorites. Meaning, my most used items for Baby Zoey in the first 3 months of her lives.
Let’s Begin!!

Avent Bottles. She LOVED These Bottles So much.
PS you can find them HERE @ Target:
Mam bottles are anti-colic and they have a vented base to prevent gas bubbles. The top is shaped as a nipple with a fat middle. The bottle is nice to hold as well. It comes in a variety of colors including: pink, blue, and white/cream.
MAM Bottles. THESE ARE The Best. I honestly can’t say anything horrible about them because there is just nothing to say.
Avent Bottle warmer. It has an LED indicator when it is plugged in. in the middle of the warmer but toward the "base" is an knob for difference heat setting depending on the bottle.
We absolutely love this bottle warmer. It heats up the Avent bottles we use in less than 2 minutes. However, for our MAM bottles it takes a little longer so we use it on high. We truly enjoy this bottle warmer even if non-Avent bottles take longer. $ 27.49
BOON Grass Drying Rack. I LOVEEEEEE this. This product is truly one of a kind. It makes drying baby bottles so much easier and it is VERY easy to clean. However, I will be buying the white one because it is bigger. (I do not have the 2 additions unfortunately)

Honestly, many people don’t use it. But I used it. My baby girl was preemie and super small and constantly wanted love and cuddles and I happily gave it to her. This made it so much easier because I didn’t have to hold her as much so I was able to give my arms a little break. Even now that she is currently 4 months I still use it for her.

This product I saved as the “best for last”. I absolutely love this. When we went on our first trip to Cali when she was 2 months (but like 2 days away from 3 months old) we brought this and this is what she slept in. You can use this product until I believe the age of 18 months. This product really changed my life especially during 0-3 months and I truly have nothing but good things to say about it.

Alrighttttt, that’ssss ittt!! That’s the end of my short and sweet list.
It’s not the obvious things like burp cloths (although honestly not a fan I just use them to clean up baby however HUBS uses them alllll the time) BUT, it is things that helped me during the first 3 months of Zoey’s life. I don’t talk about these products lightly, I truly love and recommend them because they made MY life easier especially with my preemie baby.

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