daily thoughts

MARCH 25, 2019

Hello Everyone,

It is currently 9:08pm. I am currently working on my blog relaxing because Hubby came home early. I cleaned up all the house (except the bathroom cause ugh not today) and I made a simple but sooo yummy dinner. Pasta with Penne and cheese. My secret to pasta?? Cheese. Lots and Lots of Cheese. So I decided to make a post today because I haven’t in a while and because well hubby keeps looking at me and trying to see what I’m doing.
CONFESSION: I don’t know if he reads my blog. YES he knows the name, but we don’t really talk about it. Honestly, I don’t talk about it, but this is who I am. I’m a naturally shy person which is why almost no one knows I have a blog. But I love my readers, because they don’t know me but they are getting to know me through my blog. One day I promise to build up the courage to let people close to me know I have a blog. I just feel like maybe I’m a little to real, and a little too raw for them. LOL
Anyways, he’s being cute right now and we are currently watching WWE Monday Night Raw. I have to go run to the store because I am craving Macaroons so maybe I should go do that. I should definitely take pics of the process to document it for the blog.. hmm maybe a new blog post? Anyways,
see you soon. I’m gonna go run along now and go get my ingredients before it gets later and I get suppperrr lazy.

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