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WHY I Started Blogging?

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to NUOMB!
How are you?

Let’s get into it shall we?

Why I started blogging? I am actually thinking about this a lot because I have many reasons.


I originally started blogging to have memories of my bucket list. I was crossing things off my list, living my best life, enjoying my hubs and then I become pregnant. I didn’t want to leave my blog. I invested too much love into it. So, I changed my blog name from melsadventures to NUOMB. I’m not an ordinary mom, I’m a 21 year old mom who got pregnant at 20 years old. Hello, how are you? (LOL). Whats your story? Except, my story doesn’t end there. It should NOT end there. Why is that moms give themselves away? I understand for the next 18-20 years you’re responsible for this little human, but WHY do we have to give our fun things up? Only talk about the baby, only care about the baby? Let’s be honest, the baby will ALWAYS be healthy and YES the baby is super adorable but WHAT ABOUT ME? THE MOM?! THE ONE WHO ***in my case*** GOT CUT OPEN? Do they ask me about me? No. So, I have come to the conclusion I need to look after myself. I need to live my life because at the end of the 18-20 years? Realistically speaking? I’ll be 40/41 in 20 years so I need to get my shit together. I’m YOUNG. I need to still have fun but also become the best parent I can possibly be. I need to teach my children (only 1 for me thanks) everything about this world. The realities of life. I need to be able to parent them, but also show them as a “Friend” how the world is. I refuse to shelter my kids and pretend the world is a great place, we have to educate our children. This is why I created a blog. I wanted my space, my enjoyment, honestly and truly I wanted motivation. Motivation to live my BEST FUCKING LIFE. Soo, this is for you guys. Honestly and truly. I promise on this journey to be REAL AND RAW. ALWAYS. No matter if I ever get all famous (although I highly doubt it, but I’m optimistic) or not. I will never pretend to not be me. I refuse to pretend to please people. I’m not a “nice person” as many perceive me as. I’m honest, I’m open, I’m realistic, I’m real. For all this, I pride myself. I truly pride myself on being real and honest and open.
So, I hope you guys enjoy it. I hope you guys cry/laugh/hate/love with (or without) me. I hope you enjoy my blog. I hope you stay, follow, and even interact with me. Let me know your thoughts, tell me what YOU want to read about.
One thing that stuck with me before I wrote a blog was a piece from an article saying ” no matter what you want to start, to keep having ideas come up with 100″. I have truly come up with 100 ideas for this blog. I hope you enjoy my 100 ideas, my 1,000 ideas, and so forth.



NUOMB /Melaine

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