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Hello Everyone! How are you?

Welcome back to another post!

So I decided to show my ulta haul. I don’t buy a lot of beauty products often so, I decided to show you guys what I got, why I got it, and if I have tried it already (meaning a repurchase). I’m currently waiting for the products to come in so when they come in I will attach pictures of the products on the bottom.

* Disclaimer: So I forgot to take pictures of some products before I started to open them so that’s why they are out of packaging*

So I took a screenshot of what I bought & the actual price I paid for the items. I feel like when we see hauls we don’t see the true amount spent or saved & I wanted to incorporate that.

So, as you all can see from the above picture everything I bought was on sale or an inexpensive price except the tarte shape tape.

So let’s get started!!!!

First is, Tarte Shape Tape: this was a repurchase. I fucking LOVE this product. I actually still have a tube that I’m using right now & it still has a lot left but I was like yanno I’m gonna need it eventually so better to have it then not have it.

Anastasia Bevery Hills Blush Trio:

Um do you see that sale? Thank you Ulta. So I did not need new blush but that price convinced me. However, as soon as I get my products I am going to put it away because I know myself & will be tempted so this one will NOT be pictured.

Ulta Bronzer:

I have tried this already.. Currently wearing it now and honestly love it. It gives a nice fresh bronzed look to the face.

Patchology Mask Trio:

Have not tried this however, when I do I’l let you all know!

Beite Charcoal Masque:

This is awesome & I want more. I tried some new shampoo & conditioner which made my hair so dry and brittle so I tried this & my hair feels so soft.

Maybelline Facestudio Highlighter:

LOL wtf @ my fingers?? Haven’t tried this yet as I’m currently using Revlon

Maybelline instant pore eraser:

Repurchase love thisss

Pacifica Hardcore Happy Bath Dust Shower & Bath Fizz:

Pacifica Matte Primer:

Eco tools cleanse & prep kit:

I have only used the headband .. lol i’m horrible

Eco Tools D.I.Y Kit;

I definitely needed this.

Pacificia Undereye Gel: * currently in my fridge * I love this & it’s really nice. I need more time to see if it works though.

Pacifica Crystal Melon Crystal Energy Bathbomb:

personally hate the smell but love the bathbomb

Pacifica Crystal Dew Setting Spray:

Dr Teals Eucalyptus & Spearmint Foaming bath:

I’m starting to take more baths & I have the salt but I wanted to try this.

Tarte Shape Tape Shade 2B:

This is a repurchase. I won’t say much due to the fact everyone loves this product.

So that’s everything I bought! I promise to do an indepth product review for all the products for you guys! However, I think I will do them by parts as I try them and get to know my full thoughts! So stay tuned to that! I hope you all enjoyed this post & hopefully saw a few products I bought that you may have tried or love? Let me know!

See you next time,


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