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Zoey’s 4 MONTH Update!

4 months was a fun month! Zoey become more active, more smiley, more like a little person rather than a baby. Although, she is obviously, still a baby.

She got all her shots at her checkup

She loves watching COCO the movie as well as Rรญo.
She finally enjoys tummy time for a longer period of time.
We are attempting to sit-up (however, I feel we are failing but we are learning slowly how to get her to sit up).
She had her first puree. The Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker has been saving my life!

First “Real” Food:
Apple – turned into Applesauce :
Reaction: Enjoyed, cried because she wanted more.
Tested it for 3 days. She enjoyed it thoroughly.

She also talks or well screams a lot. But as she was going toward the end of her 4 months it started to turn into a slight babble. We constantly talk back to her like we understand to help her feel more confident in her voice.


So this hasn’t been discussed with you all because well I didn’t know what it was. So she has Eczema and we are currently treating it. It’s been a long and stressful process and a big reason as to why I am gone from blogging.

Baby still sleeps through the naps, takes only 2 naps per day, and she eats 6oz every 3 hours. We are starting to give her solids so I will be extending her feeds when we add that fully into her meals.
She has become super clingy and unfortunately, hubs and I have not been on a date night in a long time. The only alone time we get is when she falls asleep.
As a result, we are unable to leave her alone places for longer than 1 hour.

That’s the end of the Zoey update.
Honestly, her 4th month of life was absolutely crazy! We moved (more on that in a later post) into our own apartment from my parents house!! (WOOT WOOT!!) As a result, our life has been crazy! I will update you all on my apartment and etc in another post so you guys can understand the inconsistencies that are *hopefully* changing (if I can EVER set the dates properly)

I hope you enjoy the 4 month update!
See you all soon!

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