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All the Advice I can share for the first 4 months with a New Baby

For the NICU Moms:
It’s okay. I know exactly what you’re feeling. I know you’re scared, I know you’re wondering what you did wrong that the baby came out early and has to stay in the hospital for however long. I know seeing all the wires and all the nurses may scare you. I promise they have good intentions. They do NOT want your little one there any longer than they have too and they loveeee babies. (I mean you must love babies to work in NICU right?!)

1st month:
Enjoy it I would honestly say. Yes, the baby may be boring now with just mostly sleeping and eating and pooping but enjoy it. Soon, they won’t sleep. Although you may not getting much sleep now, I promise a good night’s sleep is in your future. ASK FOR HELP. Don’t be afraid. Don’t feel nervous to ask your spouse for help, you just had a baby they will HAPPILY give you all the help you need. They need you, the baby needs you. You’re one of the most important people right now.

For the NON Breastfeeding Moms: YOU did NOT fail. Your baby is still gonna get the same/similar nutrients It’s ok. Be happy. Don’t stress over it. I know how you feel and I know you’re tired of the stupid “ breast is best “ no fuck that, FED IS BEST.

2nd Month:
Honestly, for me this was an easier month. At the end of her 2nd month she was sleeping through the night. It was amazing. I finally got sleep ( I promise sleep is in the future). ROUTINE! ROUTINE! ROUTINE! This is MY trick for getting baby to sleep.

3rd month:
Your little one is finally awake more. If your little one is ANYTHING like mine, she/he rarely sleeps, cries a shit ton (Excuse the language) but you love your little one more than anything. Enjoy it, even if you want to rip your hair out. They don’t understand what’s going on with them, they don’t understand their emotions or anything. Be patient.
Honestly, patience is super key when you have a baby.

4th Month:
This is favorite month. My baby girl was such a happy baby, smiling so much, although eating every 3 hours, she just was the best. Toward the end, started to get super clingy. Beware of the leaps they happen, it’s a real thing, it’s a pain in the ass. I promise there is better days ahead. I also started her on pureee late in her 4th month & I chose Apples. She loves them. She really formed more of a personality from the 3rd month to her at her 4th month. You may not notice the changes but eventually you look at her/him one day and you’re like omg just last month you could not do that. You didn’t look like that, you’re bigger and heavier. Some many changes are happening in our little humans.

Stay tuned for the next set, see you all later I gotta go back to cleaning my house!


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