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Tattoo Series: Part One

As part of getting to know me, I decided to do this little series to showcase my tattoo’s. The meanings behind them, and etc. I have a few not many, but a few. I want more. However, we will discuss that later.

For my first tatoo of the tattoo series I will be showing my most recent:

My most recent was the one I got a few months funny enough before I got pregnant with Zoey.

This is my anchor tatoo. I went in completely unsure of what I wanted to get but decided on the anchor. Anchors provide you with stability, & in technical sea terms: they actually ground your boat to the sea floor which inturns provides stability.
I like to consider myself very anchored (or atleast I think so). Let’s continue shall we?

The flowers: the two flowers are a lily and a rose. The rose 🌹 is for my stepmother. I wouldn’t be where I am without her. To me she’s everything a rose stands for. Strength (the thorns) and beauty (the flower). She has anchored me when I needed it & for that I am forever grateful.
As for the pink & semi purple Lily, well they symbolize prosperity and abundance, royalty, as well as passion. (also a funfact: that is my niece’s name).
I didn’t know about the “waves” until the tattoo was finished. The tattoo artist freehanded it himself. The tattoo in total took about 1 hour & 30 minutes. It didn’t hurt much at all, infact after a while getting a tattoo for me gets annoying (about half an hour in) because I get bored and also a little annoyed at the feeling on tiny pricks in my skin that after 30 minutes becomes numb. ANOTHER FUN FACT: I also never watch them tattoo’ing me. Fun Fact about me? I hate needles but I have a lot of tattoos and I want so many more but it’s just a different type of pain. I voluntarily enjoy this type of poking pain. However, getting a shot? nope. I am a complete blubbering mess.

Anndddddddddd that completes part one of my tattoo series! I hope you enjoy!


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