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What you REALLY need for a baby:

As a new mom, I was personally super inclined to have so much stuff. I almost went overboard, but I stopped myself.
HOWEVER, now that my love bug is almost 6 months old. I have a good list of things that you really need for a baby. I’m talking about the essentials. Every single thing I’ve used and stand by and love. (If you’d like separate reviews on things that I personally own in the category/topic feel free to comment below).
Without further rambles, let’s get to the list:

  • A crib (this is obvious but needed to be written)
  • A bassinet (yes this is for a short-term use BUT if you are in a room that does NOT fit a crib and you do NOT want to bed-share I recommend one)
  • A changing table (this is a life saver)
  • Diapers (and wipes)
  • Butt paste!! I use this for EVERY SINGLE DIAPER CHANGE. My girl has yet to get a rash or anything. (I highly recommend Boudreaux’s Buttpaste as it’s the one I love)
  • A rocker of some sorts because no one wants to hold the baby 24/7. You choose which is best for you, I have 3.
  • Clothes (of course)
  • Some sort of baby bathtub.
  • Baby Soap (I use Mustela & we love it)
  • Baby Detergent (to clean the messy clothes) I use free & clear because there’s nothing in it to flare up her eczema.
  • Toys/Books (I love reading to my girl so this is an essential for me)
  • Blankets that you can use as swaddle blankets (because those are super expensive)
  • A little kit that includes: nail clipper, suction for the nose, baby q-tips, a hair brush, thermometer, and lotion
  • Nose Frida (although I hate to use it, I make hubs use this & it really works but it grosses me OUTTT)
  • Bottles
  • Bottle Sterilizer
  • Bottle Drying Rack
  • A Stroller
  • Baby Wearer (I use Baby Bjourn)

That completes my short but simple essential list. I hate to have extras even though I do have the extra’s but I feel like as the baby grows and develops you start to buy according to their interests.
EX: My list does NOT have activity gyms but I do own 3. I also own an ABC Playmat but those are not essentials. They are extras.

Although this list is pretty straight forward, don’t forget that it’s okay to buy the “unnecessary stuff” as well. My girl loves her “unnecessary stuff” because they are fun and promote her stimulation. However, I know many people can’t afford the luxury of an activity gym or a playmat or any of the other toys in the baby world. I hope you enjoyed my #basicMOM list. ENJOY

be sure to leave a comment if you think I’m missing anything. Although, as time goes on, I will more than likely update the lists.


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