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My Surf’n’ Turf

my version of a surf n’ turf

Hello everyone!

Welcome to my version of a Surf N’ Turf! A surf & turf is a main course combining seafood + meat . (Thanks Google!)

So for tonight’s dinner we are having: Strips of Steak 🥩 , Mussels, Rice & Beans , and to top it all off my Pico de Gallo!

Pico De Gallo:



• 4 limes
• 2 Tomatos
• 1 onion
• 1 tbspn of salt (more if necessary)


• Squeeze 2 limes into a bowl.
• Chop 2 tomatos (any way you want as you can see by my cuts in the picture)
• Chop 1 onion finely as well as in chunks (yum or however you want)
• Lastly, add in the salt & 2 limes
• Mix together in bowl & eat right away or like I have shown above^ put in your fridge for later!


marinating in the fridge on top of the mussels!

So I pre-cut these strips of steak before I froze them so I actually let them defrost first & then used them the next day.
I drained the ziplock of the blood & then washed it out with water. Afterwards, I seasoned all the strips with McCormick’s Grill Mates Brown Sugar Bourbon Seasoning (which is my FAVORITE). Then proceeded to put them in the fridge for later use (as this is for dinner and I seasoned the steaks around 1 and won’t cook them until 6:30/7pm).
When dinner time finally rolls around:

Remove the steaks from the fridge and then proceed to cook them at medium high heat for about 6-10 minutes (or to your preference of time for your size steak, mine were thin cuts).

* I always put my steaks in the oven when they are done because in my head the oven will hold the heat and keep it nice & warm (which it always does!) *

To make my lovely & yummy Rice & Beans:


1 cup of rice (washed!)
1 can of beans (I used GOYA red kidney beans)
2 tspn of salt
Half a package Sazón
2 Spoonfuls of Sofrito (ugh my favorite thing on earth although you can make it yourself I am LAZY)

Combine washed rice & beans and fill with water until just a little passed the top of the beans. (Should not be drowned that will make the rice too watery)
THEN, add in the salt, sofrito, and Sazón. Stir then put on lid.
Turn on the heat to medium high (on my stove which is numbered it’s at a 7) and let it boil.
Once boils, stir the rice, let rest for 3 minutes and re-stir the rice, then put on low heat (about a 2-3 on my stove).
Let sit occasionally stirring to not burn the bottom.
After about 5 minutes reduce heat to Low (1) and stir once and let sit until serving or turn off and remove from heat when ready.

My mussles:

Honestly, I store bought them so I will post a pic of the instructions on the back:

After that, plate & you’re ready to eat!

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