my bronx zoo experience

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to NUOMB!!

So i’ve been gone since thursday (tues & weds) are my days off from blogging but it’s sunday and I haven’t blogged since monday. I miss you all & have so much to talk about & so many new fresh ideas. But the reason I was gone was because my mom came down with kids to see Zoey and we went to the Bronx Zoo!

Price for admission for hubs & I: $80 (including tax) Baby is free until 3 so yay for us (jk super expensive) However, super worth it. It’s a lengthy walk so wear comfortable shoes and stay hydrated. Also if you’re 21+ you can enjoy a beer while you see the animals. The price for admission also includes seeing the butterflies (which we saw and I loved), the children’s zoo (which sadly I did not go to. I LOVE children’s zoo lol), the gorilla forest which was super cool, as well as the gorilla stuck his tongue out with me & then all the moms were encouraging their kids to do it. Super funny memory for us.

All in all, we had an amazing time & I would love to go back when Zoey is older and has more of an understanding! As for me? Well I can check it off my bucket list! So that’s a win!

Pictures will be included below courtesy of hubby!

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