1 year.

June 6, 2018. I was pregnant by a few months and we kept joking around saying “let’s get married, let’s get married”. June 6, 2018 we finally got married.
Now I’m not gonna say that even June 6th was a good day. Infact, we argued in the morning up until our friends came to go to City Hall. We went to City Hall together with our 3 friends. I was nervous as I am sure you were. I mean our families did not know (and still don’t) but I was also super excited. I knew in my heart you were the one I wanted this life with. I never wanted kids or a wedding, neither did you. Together however, we wanted that. 1 year later, we still fight. I don’t think we won’t fight/argue due to the fact that we are truly polar opposites. We make it work. We both love hard, and love each hard. We are parents now! We have a beautiful 7 month old Zoey Penelope. She’s thriving and honestly, I feel like she makes us closer. Seeing you two together makes my heart melt. I truly feel like I am butter around you two. The ways that you are so patient, kind, caring, joyful, skilled, and good willed just make me pray our daughter gets those traits. Seeing how much you love her and I every day makes me admire you more. You work so hard every single day to make us happy. Constantly putting us first, yourself second. Even when i’m being bratty and being annoying and hard to handle you know how to put me in my place. You ignite the fire in me, to be kind, to be wiser, to be stronger, to live, to breathe, to be happy, to appreciate life. You are my whole heart and soul trapped in one body. You are my light. You are my love. You are my everything.

Happy 1 year of our Union although I can not wait until we can say happy 50th anniversary.

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