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Boxycharm! #Getaway

Hello Everyone!!

Welcome back! To another post! I just received my boxycharm & I decided why NOT post about it! So, this month’s theme was “getaway” which definitely made me want to go on vacation even more! Unfortunately, we can’t right now but soon! It’s all about budgeting and putting it out into the universe & it will happen.

Anyways, this months box came in& I received:

  • Touch in sol – no poreblem prime essence
  • tarte – br you naturally eyeshadow palette
  • st tropez- self tanning mousse + applicator mitt
  • dirty little secrets lip liner in rosie posie
  • lastly, dominique cosmetics lipgloss!


  • I love the lipgloss! It’s amazing to say the least! It does not feel sticky it feels the nice and honestly my lips feel smooth wearing it. 10/10 Also the shade was amazing !
  • The lipliner: the tip of mine broke while attempting to line my lips so i have to give it another shot for a review. however, it felt dry and not very creamy but i need to try it a few more times to see how i feel.
  • The tanning mousse: This I have NOT tried yet. Honestly, i’m a little scared to try this product due to the fact I have used a self tanner in the past & I’m afraid to look orange ? I need to get more confidence in myself & I will do it. Truthfully: I’m saving it for a good day to use it.
  • The eyeshadow palette: It’s my type of vibe to be honest. I’m a boring neutral smokey eye type of girl so this is obviously my favorite.
  • No poreblem prime essense: So I used this after my whole morning routine with all my serums and stuff. I didn’t use my regular primer only this & I think I fell in love to be HONEST. It made my makeup look amazing! It changed the way my foundation looked on my skin & it just gave me a bomb ass makeup routine! I loved it so much!


Do I recommend?! Yes I do! I lovee it! $21/ month it’s super fun. It’s as if I get a gift every month. It’s also building my makeup collection and also helping me save some money by not having to buy so many different products if I run out. It’s my favorite thing about a new month!


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