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5 months

This is such a long awaited post but truthfully I feel as though her 5th month came and went… it flew by without me even realizing….

Here’s my letter to Zoey :

5 months..

I can’t believe it.. 5 months.. 1 month closer to half a year .. you’re getting so big.. every single day. You have a new personality constantly.

You love food. You love to eat, you love to play. You’re teething so you’re fussy a lot more than I’d like ( & as well for my sanity ). However, when you’re happy? It makes me so happy! You’re so fun. You’re always my favorite even when you’re grumpy because I know you don’t understand what’s happening right now or probably half of what I’m saying but you love me. We’re figuring out life together & that’s what matters the most right? I think so.

– I’m trying to teach you to sit, this is very difficult as you’re my chubby baby but yanno we’re working on it little by little. You hate being on your tummy. I mean I completely understand you lol.

Truthfully, I’ve run out of words to say to you as I will reiterate 5 months flew by. It’s sad to say, but that is just how life is. I just want future you to know I love you. You were the best baby. I’m trying my best, i’m not the perfect mom & I hope you see that you’re my world ๐ŸŒŽ.

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