1 wk in FL – baby packing essentials

Hello everyone!

Welcome back (or if you’re new: Welcome!) to my NUOMB! I’m so excited you guys are here! Zoey & I are here in Florida and we are currently staying with my grandma! We are leaving *either* Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when Hubby gets back! We came down on Tuesday so I packed for 1 week!

Here is exactly what I packed, where I packed it:

First of all, let me begin by saying that I used a suitcase for Zoey as well as her regular bookbag.

In her bookbag:

– a unopened formula container

– her 3 way formula dispenser with formula

– 3 bottles filled with water

– 1 sippy cup (no water)

– 2 bibs

– 6 diapers

– 2 packages of wipes

– Teething Medicine

In her Suitcase:

– 10 outfits

– 5 pairs of shoes ( which is way to excessive)

– bathing suits

– little bag filled with a comb, diaper cream, etc.

– sunscreen

– birth certificate

– diapers

– a ton of toys

– bibs

– blanket

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