18 Q’s : Q& A with Hubby

1. When did you know I was the one?

When you would say annoying things and it wouldn’t bother me in the least bit but want to hear more and more about what your thoughts had in store for me

2. What is my worst habit?

Worst habit not flushing your fist size of toilet paper and leaving garbage in all the sinks

3. What is my best habit?

Best habit you like to bake randomly

4. If you could get rid of one thing that belongs to me what would it be?

Id get rid of your moody rants . Even though it’s not an actual belonging

5. Who is the better cook?

You’re the better cook but I make breakfast better

6. What do we argue most about?

We argue a lot about nonsense

7. Have you ever pretend to sleep at to avoid an argument?

Yes I tried it once

8. What was our last argument about?

Our last argument was about me trying to get a kiss from you while you were pooping

9. What was the last text message I sent you?

Your last text was pictures of Zoe

10. Who is more affectionate?

I’m more affectionate hands down

11. What is something the I enjoy doing with you?

You enjoy having a smoke and a deep conversation together

12. Who is the more romantic one?

You like romance but I’m more romantic

13. Who is the funny one?

I’m funnier you just don’t like my humor

14. Who is more outgoing?

At the moment I’m more outgoing but you’re catching up

15. Would I prefer to stay in or go out on Friday night?

You would rather go out so that you can miss being home before we finish early but tacos and go back home to watch IJ

16. Have you ever lied to avoid getting in trouble with me?

Yea I have but probably about something small like forgetting to get you ice cream lol

17. Have I ever gotten something for you, you didn’t like?

You’ve probably gotten me food I didn’t like idk asides from that lol

18. What is the best gift I have ever gotten for you?

Best gifts have been my Valentine’s Day book and the scrap book and zoey

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