Let me start by saying, hello. How are you? Good Morning/Afternoon/Night. My name is Melaine (pronounced Melanie) and I live in NYC. .I’m a 21 year old-first time mommy to a baby girl named Zoey! I’m also a wife to an amazing husband who I absolutely adore with my whole life. I love tequila, traveling, parties, margaritas, wine, books, tranquility and also madness. I enjoy writing about my journey(s) through this adventure we all call “Life”.

5 months

This is such a long awaited post but truthfully I feel as though her 5th month came and went… it flew by without me even realizing…. Here’s my letter to Zoey : 5 months.. I can’t believe it.. 5 months.. 1 month closer to half a year .. you’re getting so big.. every single day. […]


Boxycharm! #Getaway

Hello Everyone!! Welcome back! To another post! I just received my boxycharm & I decided why NOT post about it! So, this month’s theme was “getaway” which definitely made me want to go on vacation even more! Unfortunately, we can’t right now but soon! It’s all about budgeting and putting it out into the universe […]


Tattoo Series: Part 3

“ I am a series of small victories and large defeats and I am as amazed as any other that I have gotten from there to here.” – Charles Bukowski . Honestly, this is only a part of the quote, however, it’s my favorite part. I’ve had many small victories in my life but also […]


TOP 10 Fav. Beauty Products

Hello everyone! Welcome backkkkkkkk! How are you guys?!!? I decided to show you guys a little more into my life and things I like. Etc etc! So I said why NOT do a TOP 10 favorite can’t live without beauty products!!!! Let’s begin!! Although this is NOT in order. I love them all equally Let’s […]


7 Months Update

7 months! weight : 23 pounds 1st fathers day. 1st time you said mama & continuously to say it. Also mom. We are working on “dada” 1st tooth came out 1st time at the Brooklyn Pier 1st time at Coney Island 1st time at the Beach. 1st time rolling over. Now you constantly do it. […]