What you REALLY need for a baby:

As a new mom, I was personally super inclined to have so much stuff. I almost went overboard, but I stopped myself.
HOWEVER, now that my love bug is almost 6 months old. I have a good list of things that you really need for a baby. I’m talking about the essentials. Every single thing I’ve used and stand by and love. (If you’d like separate reviews on things that I personally own in the category/topic feel free to comment below).
Without further rambles, let’s get to the list:

  • A crib (this is obvious but needed to be written)
  • A bassinet (yes this is for a short-term use BUT if you are in a room that does NOT fit a crib and you do NOT want to bed-share I recommend one)
  • A changing table (this is a life saver)
  • Diapers (and wipes)
  • Butt paste!! I use this for EVERY SINGLE DIAPER CHANGE. My girl has yet to get a rash or anything. (I highly recommend Boudreaux’s Buttpaste as it’s the one I love)
  • A rocker of some sorts because no one wants to hold the baby 24/7. You choose which is best for you, I have 3.
  • Clothes (of course)
  • Some sort of baby bathtub.
  • Baby Soap (I use Mustela & we love it)
  • Baby Detergent (to clean the messy clothes) I use free & clear because there’s nothing in it to flare up her eczema.
  • Toys/Books (I love reading to my girl so this is an essential for me)
  • Blankets that you can use as swaddle blankets (because those are super expensive)
  • A little kit that includes: nail clipper, suction for the nose, baby q-tips, a hair brush, thermometer, and lotion
  • Nose Frida (although I hate to use it, I make hubs use this & it really works but it grosses me OUTTT)
  • Bottles
  • Bottle Sterilizer
  • Bottle Drying Rack
  • A Stroller
  • Baby Wearer (I use Baby Bjourn)

That completes my short but simple essential list. I hate to have extras even though I do have the extra’s but I feel like as the baby grows and develops you start to buy according to their interests.
EX: My list does NOT have activity gyms but I do own 3. I also own an ABC Playmat but those are not essentials. They are extras.

Although this list is pretty straight forward, don’t forget that it’s okay to buy the “unnecessary stuff” as well. My girl loves her “unnecessary stuff” because they are fun and promote her stimulation. However, I know many people can’t afford the luxury of an activity gym or a playmat or any of the other toys in the baby world. I hope you enjoyed my #basicMOM list. ENJOY

be sure to leave a comment if you think I’m missing anything. Although, as time goes on, I will more than likely update the lists.


All the Advice I can share for the first 4 months with a New Baby

For the NICU Moms:
It’s okay. I know exactly what you’re feeling. I know you’re scared, I know you’re wondering what you did wrong that the baby came out early and has to stay in the hospital for however long. I know seeing all the wires and all the nurses may scare you. I promise they have good intentions. They do NOT want your little one there any longer than they have too and they loveeee babies. (I mean you must love babies to work in NICU right?!)

1st month:
Enjoy it I would honestly say. Yes, the baby may be boring now with just mostly sleeping and eating and pooping but enjoy it. Soon, they won’t sleep. Although you may not getting much sleep now, I promise a good night’s sleep is in your future. ASK FOR HELP. Don’t be afraid. Don’t feel nervous to ask your spouse for help, you just had a baby they will HAPPILY give you all the help you need. They need you, the baby needs you. You’re one of the most important people right now.

For the NON Breastfeeding Moms: YOU did NOT fail. Your baby is still gonna get the same/similar nutrients It’s ok. Be happy. Don’t stress over it. I know how you feel and I know you’re tired of the stupid “ breast is best “ no fuck that, FED IS BEST.

2nd Month:
Honestly, for me this was an easier month. At the end of her 2nd month she was sleeping through the night. It was amazing. I finally got sleep ( I promise sleep is in the future). ROUTINE! ROUTINE! ROUTINE! This is MY trick for getting baby to sleep.

3rd month:
Your little one is finally awake more. If your little one is ANYTHING like mine, she/he rarely sleeps, cries a shit ton (Excuse the language) but you love your little one more than anything. Enjoy it, even if you want to rip your hair out. They don’t understand what’s going on with them, they don’t understand their emotions or anything. Be patient.
Honestly, patience is super key when you have a baby.

4th Month:
This is favorite month. My baby girl was such a happy baby, smiling so much, although eating every 3 hours, she just was the best. Toward the end, started to get super clingy. Beware of the leaps they happen, it’s a real thing, it’s a pain in the ass. I promise there is better days ahead. I also started her on pureee late in her 4th month & I chose Apples. She loves them. She really formed more of a personality from the 3rd month to her at her 4th month. You may not notice the changes but eventually you look at her/him one day and you’re like omg just last month you could not do that. You didn’t look like that, you’re bigger and heavier. Some many changes are happening in our little humans.

Stay tuned for the next set, see you all later I gotta go back to cleaning my house!

Zoey’s 4 MONTH Update!

4 months was a fun month! Zoey become more active, more smiley, more like a little person rather than a baby. Although, she is obviously, still a baby.

She got all her shots at her checkup

She loves watching COCO the movie as well as Río.
She finally enjoys tummy time for a longer period of time.
We are attempting to sit-up (however, I feel we are failing but we are learning slowly how to get her to sit up).
She had her first puree. The Baby Brezza Baby Food Maker has been saving my life!

First “Real” Food:
Apple – turned into Applesauce :
Reaction: Enjoyed, cried because she wanted more.
Tested it for 3 days. She enjoyed it thoroughly.

She also talks or well screams a lot. But as she was going toward the end of her 4 months it started to turn into a slight babble. We constantly talk back to her like we understand to help her feel more confident in her voice.


So this hasn’t been discussed with you all because well I didn’t know what it was. So she has Eczema and we are currently treating it. It’s been a long and stressful process and a big reason as to why I am gone from blogging.

Baby still sleeps through the naps, takes only 2 naps per day, and she eats 6oz every 3 hours. We are starting to give her solids so I will be extending her feeds when we add that fully into her meals.
She has become super clingy and unfortunately, hubs and I have not been on a date night in a long time. The only alone time we get is when she falls asleep.
As a result, we are unable to leave her alone places for longer than 1 hour.

That’s the end of the Zoey update.
Honestly, her 4th month of life was absolutely crazy! We moved (more on that in a later post) into our own apartment from my parents house!! (WOOT WOOT!!) As a result, our life has been crazy! I will update you all on my apartment and etc in another post so you guys can understand the inconsistencies that are *hopefully* changing (if I can EVER set the dates properly)

I hope you enjoy the 4 month update!
See you all soon!

Baby Favorites: 0-3 Months

Hello Everyone!
How are you all? I hope you’re doing well!
For today’s blog, I will be discussing all my baby favorites. Meaning, my most used items for Baby Zoey in the first 3 months of her lives.
Let’s Begin!!

Avent Bottles. She LOVED These Bottles So much.
PS you can find them HERE @ Target: https://www.target.com/p/philips-avent-natural-pink-infant-starter-set/-/A-52722737
Mam bottles are anti-colic and they have a vented base to prevent gas bubbles. The top is shaped as a nipple with a fat middle. The bottle is nice to hold as well. It comes in a variety of colors including: pink, blue, and white/cream.
MAM Bottles. THESE ARE The Best. I honestly can’t say anything horrible about them because there is just nothing to say.
Avent Bottle warmer. It has an LED indicator when it is plugged in. in the middle of the warmer but toward the "base" is an knob for difference heat setting depending on the bottle.
We absolutely love this bottle warmer. It heats up the Avent bottles we use in less than 2 minutes. However, for our MAM bottles it takes a little longer so we use it on high. We truly enjoy this bottle warmer even if non-Avent bottles take longer.
https://www.target.com/p/philips-avent-fast-bottle-warmer-scf355-00/-/A-16847326 $ 27.49
BOON Grass Drying Rack. I LOVEEEEEE this. This product is truly one of a kind. It makes drying baby bottles so much easier and it is VERY easy to clean. However, I will be buying the white one because it is bigger. (I do not have the 2 additions unfortunately)

Honestly, many people don’t use it. But I used it. My baby girl was preemie and super small and constantly wanted love and cuddles and I happily gave it to her. This made it so much easier because I didn’t have to hold her as much so I was able to give my arms a little break. Even now that she is currently 4 months I still use it for her.

This product I saved as the “best for last”. I absolutely love this. When we went on our first trip to Cali when she was 2 months (but like 2 days away from 3 months old) we brought this and this is what she slept in. You can use this product until I believe the age of 18 months. This product really changed my life especially during 0-3 months and I truly have nothing but good things to say about it.
WHERE TO BUY: https://www.amazon.com/Lulyboo-Bassinet-To-Go-Classic/dp/B078LGD2V9

Alrighttttt, that’ssss ittt!! That’s the end of my short and sweet list.
It’s not the obvious things like burp cloths (although honestly not a fan I just use them to clean up baby however HUBS uses them alllll the time) BUT, it is things that helped me during the first 3 months of Zoey’s life. I don’t talk about these products lightly, I truly love and recommend them because they made MY life easier especially with my preemie baby.