Mall of America

Checks I made off my bucket list:

  • Mall of America

MALL of America is Absolutely stunning.

It’s full of stores. Like you’re inner shopaholic will end up taking over and next thing you know you’ve spent a few thousands? * not the story i’m telling here don’t worry *

Let’s begin, shall we? So hubs & I decided to take a day trip to Minnesota because of the Mall of America. So we went to the airport, got on the flight, and I automatically felt nauseous (* that 1st trimester nausea* ) We finally made it to Minnesota and took an uber to the mall. The mall was absolutely huge and also had a hotel (and I also believe a casino!)

Instantly, we saw the Nickelodeon Universe which is basically in the middle of the mall & it’s huge. Absolutely full of rides for kids and I guess adults as well (if I wasn’t pregnant at the time I definitely would of gone on a few rides) Unfortunately we did not, so I ended up going to the Sigma Store & buying a few brushes as well as a cleaning mat. We ended up going to the Crayola Experience and it was super fun. We are adults and we enjoyed the experience. We got tokens to create our own crayons.

Con: I wish there was more colors beside the standard ones.

The Crayola Experience Breakdown:

You pay in the front, they give you little bags to put your souvenirs in. They will also give you tokens which you will use for the crayons. You pick a crayon, you’re able to move on to the next station and put a customizable name to your crayon.

After you do that, you can then move on to the next station and create some artwork (a puzzle or color some premade outlines from coloring books) and also take a picture in a ” photo booth ” for you to color. It was very interesting. There was also a LOTT to do for kids which makes me super excited and a little anxious to be able to bring Zoey!

ugh can we please fast forward to her walking so I can take her?! 😫

just kidding, please time don’t go that fast- end of randomness –

After that, we went to eat Shake Shack which was amazing (as per usual). After eating we then played some mini-golf (I won) & then continued to walk around and shop.

I went to Sephora & bought some stuff while hubs went to microsoft to check out the store. Soon after that unfortunately, we did have to leave because we needed to catch the flight back home to New York. We both slept on the flight and thankfully morning sickness did not hit me on the flight home.


Cali Series pt.4: Santa Monica Pier + PCH



     As you already know I have an unhealthy love for California infact, I want to move there. The reason I fell in love was with the Santa Monica Pier. It started when I came in December 2017, and saw it at night for the first time. I was super excited the ferris wheel was all lighted up and it was a beautiful sight!
However. night-time anywhere in the world = cold as f*ck for me! So I put on a sweater and walked the beach instead with my love! However, we went back to the Santa Monica Pier the next day and a lady was walking on the beach selling mangos so I got mangos with some tajin + sauce (because I’m from New York where that is a thing to do for fruits especially when it’s being sold outside + it’s extra yummy this way) and it was amazing! We did go to a dispensary before going to the beach so we can buy more marijuana and we did smoke weed on the beach because we saw other people doing it and well we were tourists so why not! The sun was beautiful, the air was beautiful it was just a fun time to be there! While we did not go on the ferris wheel (much to my disappointment I must do this next time I go back to California) we did eat a Bubba Gump which we had never tried before and I took home a cup that still lights up which I now use to put my coins in! However, i definitely recommend trying out Bubba Gump if you have not + the server was really friendly and patient with us as it was our first time there and we had no idea what to get! However, our food was absolutely delicious + it was completely worth all the money spent (I believe we spent $50-$60)! 

200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401