Cali Series pt.4: Santa Monica Pier + PCH



     As you already know I have an unhealthy love for California infact, I want to move there. The reason I fell in love was with the Santa Monica Pier. It started when I came in December 2017, and saw it at night for the first time. I was super excited the ferris wheel was all lighted up and it was a beautiful sight!
However. night-time anywhere in the world = cold as f*ck for me! So I put on a sweater and walked the beach instead with my love! However, we went back to the Santa Monica Pier the next day and a lady was walking on the beach selling mangos so I got mangos with some tajin + sauce (because I’m from New York where that is a thing to do for fruits especially when it’s being sold outside + it’s extra yummy this way) and it was amazing! We did go to a dispensary before going to the beach so we can buy more marijuana and we did smoke weed on the beach because we saw other people doing it and well we were tourists so why not! The sun was beautiful, the air was beautiful it was just a fun time to be there! While we did not go on the ferris wheel (much to my disappointment I must do this next time I go back to California) we did eat a Bubba Gump which we had never tried before and I took home a cup that still lights up which I now use to put my coins in! However, i definitely recommend trying out Bubba Gump if you have not + the server was really friendly and patient with us as it was our first time there and we had no idea what to get! However, our food was absolutely delicious + it was completely worth all the money spent (I believe we spent $50-$60)! 

200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401


Cali Series Pt.3: Walk of Fame + In & Out

Cali: Hollywood Walk of Fame +

Checks I made off my bucket list:
1. Walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame 
2. Try In + Out 

Walk the Hollywood Walk of Fame:

Since I went to California in December 2017 and a week before Christmas it was a little chilly out due to the day we had gone to visit the Hollywood Walk of Fame we went there was no sun outside and barely any people outside so it was a very greatful experience which included a nice stroll with my significant other as we walked around. Staring at the stars and naming people we knew and what we knew them for. It was a nice bonding time with my partner. This was something I’ve always wanted to do because I always felt like this was the main thing I wanted to do in California. This was where I was going to feel like the absolute tourist and I did and I loved every. Single. Minute.  I was honestly just truly excited to be on Hollywood Blvd and seeing all these stars with famous peoples’ names and knowing that I was able to see a part of California that most wouldn’t really think to see.


Hollywood Walk of Fame is 18 blocks long although I only walked 6 of those blocks. We parked our car near the beginning of the
Hollywood Walk of Fame which was:
N Highland Ave & Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90028.

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Cali Series Pt 2: Hollywood Sign

Checks I made off my bucket list:
1. Visit the Hollywood Sign

Visiting the Hollywood Sign:


         As I stated in my previous post (check: Cali: dispensaries+rodeo drive) my love for California is endless, but that’s also partly because of the sights I have seen. Let me start off by saying the drive to see the Hollywood Sign is no joke. If you’ve never driven up a mountain, well I won’t ruin the experience for you but I will tell you that it is no joke but very interesting.

         However, California was very windy that day which means, wind = cold and I was wearing a nice dress (as pictured above) with a sweater that I call my “Grandma sweater” and I was freezing my butt off because I can not take the cold AT ALLeven though I live in New York! However, although I was freezing my butt off and wanted to run back into the car I still managed to take a few pictures because the view was beautiful. The sky was beautiful blue color, the mountains with the Hollywood Sign in-front of it just makes the view even more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

More pictures:

If you ever decide to go to Los Angeles, California the Hollywood Sign is located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA. It was truly a beautiful sight + I hope you all get to see this beautiful sight one day xx

Cali: Dispensaries + Rodeo Drive


Checks I made off my bucket list:

  1. Smoke weed from a dispensary in California

  2. Drive on Rodeo Drive

                          Since I have checked off California off my bucket list I have gone 3 times in total and each time I fall more in love. I love coming off the airplane after being on it for 5 ½ hours and seeing LAX in all its glory. I love how the sunsets in California and how it feels like it’s always early. I love the palm trees they truly are relaxing to look at, and the scenic views when driving.  I love the smell of California, it’s a beautiful fresh scent that reminds me of home. I’ve concluded California is where I am meant to be. 
I’m not talking about how connected California and I are, I’m going to talk about my first experience which is smoking weed from dispensaries in California. So, let me begin by saying unfortunately, due to me not being 21 yet I couldn’t physically go inside and see everything but based off of what I was told it was amazing. My boyfriend said that they show you the marijuana, let you choose, scale it in-front of you, and everything. I was listening to him but in my head all I was picturing was me in a bed of marijuana as crazy as that may seem.  (If you have not noticed I am a smoker!) We were told by a friend that recently visited Cali to use an app called “GreenLight” to find dispensaries and you can even pre-order it so that the order is ready for you to pick up and pay when you get there. I thought it was amazing and all the different dispensaries in California made me open to even more variations of marijuana. So, we got a couple grams of different strains (6 different ones to exact) and a couple of oils and edibles for back home.


Driving on Rodeo DriveIMG_4125 Driving on Rodeo Drive at night was a beautiful sight. Full of palm trees, high-end shops. It was always a dream to drive down Rodeo Drive with the windows open and the wind in my face and that was the exact experience I received. It was a beautiful moment for me. It was a beautiful moment to experience with my love.