April 1, 2019

Hello everyone, I miss you guys.

I haven’t done a daily post in a few posts. I suck at posting consistently as well but I promise to make it up. Truthfully, life happened. I owe you all an explanation but honestly, my mental health was shifted so I needed time to myself.

I think we should take time for ourselves and rebuild and recreate and get excited all over again. I think that should be a thing.

Questions for the readers:

What makes you tick? What makes you happy? What makes you sad? What keeps you up at night?

As this is a NOT ur Ordinary MOM Blog, I’m actually currently in the process of coming up with a bunch of interesting blog posts. More about me, my life, more about what I love. I don’t want this blog to be fully baby because although, yes my life is revolved around a baby but it’s not 24/7 & it should not be 24/7. Soo, with that being said.

I promise, to blog 5 times a week, 2 days off (tuesday & wednesday) So my next blog post will be thursday 04/04. I hope you enjoy the new content, I hope you enjoy getting to know me, my life, what I love, what I do not like, what I want to do, etc. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Zoey Update: 5 months old today!!!

I hope you guys have an amazing Monday & rest of the week. Talk to you soon!

PS tonight is WWE (also Tuesday) maybe i’ll make this a thing? I’ll give my thoughts? Hmm …

see you soon 🙂


MARCH 25, 2019

Hello Everyone,

It is currently 9:08pm. I am currently working on my blog relaxing because Hubby came home early. I cleaned up all the house (except the bathroom cause ugh not today) and I made a simple but sooo yummy dinner. Pasta with Penne and cheese. My secret to pasta?? Cheese. Lots and Lots of Cheese. So I decided to make a post today because I haven’t in a while and because well hubby keeps looking at me and trying to see what I’m doing.
CONFESSION: I don’t know if he reads my blog. YES he knows the name, but we don’t really talk about it. Honestly, I don’t talk about it, but this is who I am. I’m a naturally shy person which is why almost no one knows I have a blog. But I love my readers, because they don’t know me but they are getting to know me through my blog. One day I promise to build up the courage to let people close to me know I have a blog. I just feel like maybe I’m a little to real, and a little too raw for them. LOL
Anyways, he’s being cute right now and we are currently watching WWE Monday Night Raw. I have to go run to the store because I am craving Macaroons so maybe I should go do that. I should definitely take pics of the process to document it for the blog.. hmm maybe a new blog post? Anyways,
see you soon. I’m gonna go run along now and go get my ingredients before it gets later and I get suppperrr lazy.

First Time Shopping List:

Hello Everyone!

So as I have mention in a few blog posts, we are moving!! We are currently in the process but I will tell you all about it in a different post because this is not the one.

I decided to compile a checklist for myself at the grocery story because it’s my first time shopping for a new apartment.. so you have to buy everything alll over again (especially if you are like me who is transitioning from my parents house to my own apartment!). I decided to share it with you (also for future reference). However, I decided that when we do our grocery shopping I will post everything we got & how off my list was.

So here it goes:

• butter
• apples
• avocado
• bacon
• basil
• bbq sauce
• beans
• bell peppers
• bread
• breadcrumbs
• cake mix
• carrots
• celery
• cereal
• cheeses
• cilantro
• confectioners sugar
• cornmeal
• cornstarch
• cucumber
• eggs
• flour
• frosting
• *jelloo
• juice?
• kcups
• ketchup
• lemons
• lettuce
• lime
• mayo
• meats
• meringue powder
• milk
• mushrooms
• mustard
• nooodles
• oats
• old bay
• olives
• onions
• pasta
• peas
• pepper
• popcorn
• potatoes
• rice
• Salsa
• salad dressing
• salt (diamond)
• shortening
• snacks
• sprinkles
• sweet potatoes
• syrup?
• thyme
• tomato paste
• tomato sauce
• tomatos
• tortillas
• vanilla extract
• veggie broth
• water
• yeast
• allspice
• Apple Cider Vinegar
• arugula
• avocado oil
• bacon
• bagels
• baking powder & soda
• beef
• brown rice ????
• brown sugar
• buttermilk
• cabbage
• cake four
• cauliflower
• celery
• chicken
• choc chips
• cocoa powder
• cookies
• corn
• dry ranch dressing mix
• eggplant
• food coloring
• fruits
• graham crackers
• granola
• grapes
• ground cumin
• ground pork
• half & half
• honey
• ice cream
• lettuce
• macadamia nuts
• macaroni
• marinera sauce
• muffin cups
• muffin mix
• olive oil
• pam
• paprika
• pb&j
• prosciutto
• ramen
• red cabbage
• red pepper flakes
• reggiao(reggiano) cheese
• ricotta
• sausage
• scallions
• seafood
• self rising flour
• sliced bread
• sour cream
• Soy sauce
• spinach
• sugar
• sweet rolls (bread)
• thyme
• vanilla extract
• veggie oil
• wine
• wonton wrappers •zucchini

March 11-13: LIFE UPDATE

– March 11 –

Hello everyone!

What’s up? What are you doing?

I am currently watching WWE Fastlane. I enjoy wrestling hubs and I watch it every Monday & Tuesday as well as the paperviews. In truth, he got me hooked on it while I was pregnant with Zoey and since then I can’t get over it every single week, even if he isn’t home I’ll be watching it.

If you’re a fan & wondering where I’m at I am watching the WWE Championship Match (Daniel Bryan vs Mustafa Ali vs Kevin Owens)


So since babygirl👶🏻, I’ve gained 40 lbs & I have no idea how to shed it off but I like to workout, so I need to do my research because honestly right now the gym is just not in our budget. The reason being is, I know a few blog posts ago I revealed we still live at home.

OK, first don’t judge me (please?) or atleast not yet. I live in New York City, it’s fcking expensive??!!!!!!! Sooo we had to save up money, now why we didn’t save money while I was pregnant? Well I planned my own baby shower, I was working my whole pregnancy up until the day I went to the hospital to have baby Zoey. Any well the money was spent on essentials for the baby & I am truly thankful people got Zoey gifts. It truly has helped out a lot, ok before I continue let me say we are not “poor” we just are a little tight on money so I am thankful because if we had to buy everything ourselves we would be super tight.

BUT, anyways after 4 months of saving up enough money to move out (3 rents) and looking for about a month or two, we found an apartment!!! It’s beautiful 😍 it makes me happy! It’s huge (in my opinion) for the price, however it’s $100 over budget.. buut it’s do-able for now with me being a stay at home mom.

WHY You may ask?

Hubby works 2 jobs. (LOL @ my attempt of suspense) However, soon will be going on Paternity Leave to hang out with us! However, only for 1 of the jobs! But nonetheless I am STILL happy. I am superrrr excited truthfully!! We did make an agreement that if it starts to not work out then I will go back to work.

Do not get me wrong, if it was possible I’d be working right now. Unfortunately his work schedule is NOT an ideal schedule at the moment for a job unless I were to work overnights. I truly would prefer only we watch her atleast until she can speak. I feel like that’s when I’ll feel comfortable because then everyone will understand her better, I don’t know? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Moving on, it just doesn’t work right now to go back to my previous job so unfortunately I do miss it somedays but the stress killttt (my new word or well spelling) me.

So, currently i’m a stay at home mom (as we alll know) and it’s fun sometimes but it gets lonely. It truly does, it makes you feel insecure because when you’re alone for so many hours everyday it just gets to the point where you don’t feel like dressing up and pjs become your life.

– March 13 –

Anyways, the reason I haven’t been as active on here is due to the fact that I am MOVING !!!!! So life has been super busy! Infact, at the moment I am thinking of 100 different things for the apartment.

I promise to give a thorough update and MAYBE a house tour?

* I’m trying to buy a nice little camera because I’d like to incorporate video as well to my blog *

talk to you soon,

nuomb 💓