All things Food Related:


welcome back everybodyyyyyyy!

Honestly, this MIGHT be my favorite part of my blog. Due to the fact it’s my favorite thing in the world. Food. It’s all about food. How i meal plan, what i cook, my favorite recipes, what I love, what i hate, etc etc! OOOH i’m soooooo exciteddd I can barely contain it!!

Fun Fact about me I’m a foodie, I’m an amateur baker but who cares & I love to cook. Infact, I cook almost every single day & make my baby girl food. I LOVE Food. I love being in the kitchen and playing with different recipes and flavors to get the perfect dish that my husband loves every single time. EVEN if I get nervous and say “ I’m sorry if it’s bad” he always says how the food is amazing. Honestly, I think his favorite part is when I bake. So I decided, to not keep that secret from you. Let you into my most favorite recipes (adapted by others but some ingredients switched by me according to my preference).

I will say SallysBaking Addiction is my favorite blog & I have all her cook books. So, let’s just beware of that!

Welcome to the Foodie Page