Pregnancy Series:

Hello, Welcome to my Short & Sweet Journey into Pregnancy!

Pregnancy although it had it’s up and downs was beautiful.

I found out I was pregnant just shy of 6 weeks so I was able to see my baby girl go from a little circle on an ultrasound machine to a beautiful healthy baby girl that she currently is! Pregnancy is truly a beautiful experience. I am lucky enough to be able to go through the experience and feel all the emotions. However, the journey wasn’t easy. So please continue on reading this series, I hope you enjoyed my journey.

Pregnancy Favorites:

  • Stretch Mark Cream
  • Bath & Body Works Lotion
  • sweaters
  • taco bell (steak quesadillas)
  • mcdonalds (fries, nuggets, cookies)
  • starbucks (strawberry acaรญ , choc. crossaint )
  • Ben & Jerrys
  • Walks
  • “sea bands” (anti-nausea bands)
  • Car Rides
  • pregnancy Leggings